How To Open Moldy Depths Door In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the Moldy Depths door is a tricky one to open, but with the right knowledge, you can easily do it. This area is located in the Koboh region, which is home to many puzzles and treasures. Many players are stuck in the Moldy Depths area because the door closes as soon as they leave the rope. The trick to escaping this cavern is a trusty Nekko. In this guide, we will tell you how to use this mount to exit the Moldy Depths.

How to Open Moldy Depths Doors in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Escape Moldy Depths in Jedi Survivor
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In Jedi Survivor, you’ll enter the Moldy Depths during the side quest Rumor called The Musician & Their Droid. In this area, you’ll find a puzzle door, which you’ve probably seen and opened before. However, this one is a bit different than the others.

To open the Moldy Depths Door in Jedi Survivor, find a Nekko and ride it to the door. Then, double-jump on the Nekko to go to the other side. Now, pull the rope to open the door and use the “Tame” button to call the mount (R1/RB/Ctrl).

Many players are stuck in the depths because, unlike other doors, the one here does not have an anchor. So the moment you leave the rope, the door closes. All you have to do is simply bring the Nekko to the door and call it once the door is open.

How to Escape Moldy Depths

Moldy Depths

Once you open the Moldy Depths door and bring the Nekko to the other side, mount it and go to the yellow mechanism. Then, use the Nekko to double-jump and grab the ledge. Now, jump between the walls back and forth, and climb some vines to escape the Moldy Depths.

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That’s all you must know about how to open the Moldy Depths door in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. While you’re here, make sure you learn how to unlock Doma’s Shop to get some amazing in-game items.