How To Recruit Jawas In Jedi Survivor

Paarth Wadke
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In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players can recruit the Jawas, but finding them is tough. These iconic Star Wars creatures are unlocked late in the game on your third visit to Koboh. After completing the “Jedha – Locate Brother Armias” quest, you can unlock the rumor to recruit Jawas. However, they are well hidden in their village, so this guide will help you find the Jawas.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How To Recruit Jawas

To recruit Jawas in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you must make your way to the Bygone Settlement. But first, you must talk to an NPC with a hat next to Pyloon’s Saloon. This NPC will tell you that the Jawas created a little village on the far side of the valley. Completing the dialogue with him will unlock the “Check on Jawa Settlement” Rumor side quest. Follow these steps to reach this settlement and find the Jawas:

  1. Open the map and teleport to the Bygone Settlement meditation point.
  2. Now, run across the wall and scale the structure to reach the ceiling. Climb Ceiling to reach Jawas
  3. Make your way to the bridge with two Bedlam Raiders and beat them.
  4. Now, use the Force to move the wall in front of you. Use Force
  5. Run across that wall and jump to the structure in front.
  6. Climb up and scale the net to drop on the platform below.
  7. Now, use the double jump and air dash to reach the wall past the air vent. Jump in front of the Air Vent
  8. With the use of Dash, jump from one platform to another. Without the Dash, you cannot reach the village and recruit the Jawas.
  9. Go further, and use Force to pull a platform down and jump on it. Pull Platform to recruit Jawas in Jedi Survivor
  10. Then, Climb around the structure and defeat the Bedlam Raiders in their post.
  11. Now, go near the Jawa at this outpost and it will pull a nearby box for you. Talk to Jawa near Bedlam Raider outpost
  12. Reach the top of the box and jump to the structure on the right.
  13. Now, Jump from the grill and use Dash to reach the runnable wall.
  14. Climb on the box next to you and use Force to pull the other one.
  15. Jump on that box and use Force to push the other box further. Pull Box to recruit Jawas in Jedi Survivor
  16. Now repeat it till you reach the runnable wall.
  17. Go further and cut the wire on the pulley to unlock a new shortcut.
  18. Defeat the Raiders and talk to the Jawas to recruit them. Defeat Raiders and recruit Jawas in Jedi Survivor

We understand that the instructions may not be enough. So, here’s a video by ZaFrostPet to help you reach the Settlement fast.

That’s all from us on how to recruit the Jawas in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you want to unlock Cal’s potential to its fullest, make sure you check out the best skills to unlock early in our Jedi Survivor guides section.