One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Beginners Guide – PC, PS4 And Xbox One

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One Punch Man A Hero Nobody is a fighting game based on the famous One Punch Man series. We all this very popular hero who is gifted with the power to defeat anyone with just one punch. This power turns his life miserable, pulling out all the actions and efforts. Because in the end, it is clear he is will always one. If you are new to One Punch Man A Hero Nobody video game released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, then here is beginner’s guide for you. In this One Punch Man, A Hero Nobody beginners guide you will learn about the game tactics, Hero Arrival Mechanism, List of all characters in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody game and lot more. So let’s begin.

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Beginners Tips and Tricks

Here are some answers to some of the very common questions of One Punch Man A Hero Nobody video game.

How to Level Up:

You will need Battle Ratings to level up. It is calculated on three factors HP, Time and Bonsu. You will be rated for each class and once you have a decent one you will get good ratings. Also, you will need Growth Points to unlock new Levels.  There are two kinds of levels in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows, Player Level that is determined via EXP points and Battle Type Level. Battle Type Level will help you to unlock new killer moves.

How To Win every Fight? –

After completing the training in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody there are few moves which are amazing and will give you sure win. They are Perfect Dodge, Killer Move and Super Killer move. Along with this playing defensive is necessary. Because your opponents can also use the same kind of moves against you. And then there are Events, the meteor shower or any other natural calamity. In fight always use combos and use the swipe attack to throw the enemy off ground. After you have Six Move Stocks switch to Mode Change and increase your attack and defense. Finally, when there is enough time left for Mode Change to over, use Super Killer Move and you will win every fight in the game. Always try to dodge and stay land behind the enemy, in this way when you unleash a killer move the opponent will be defenseless.

3 vs. 3 Battle:

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody features a team where three characters from One-Punch Man Universe fight with each other. Players are allowed to choose their own powers and abilities.  The game features a Hero Arrival mechanism where until Saitama the lead hero arrives you will control other characters in defeating enemies.

How to Customize?

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody has a very detailed customization menu offering players to modify almost everything. This includes choosing a face, skin, clothes, accessories and even voice along with the gender.

What Is Hero Ranks?

You will start with the lowest Rank and progress to a better one after completing objectives. There are four classes of Heroes in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody, Class S, Class A, Class B, and Class C. To get better rankings you will need to improve your Ratings, with better ranks you get better recognition and unlock new rewards. You can also improve your ratings by completing missions by Association HQ. And if you are playing missions by Association Branches, winning them will not contribute to your Heroes Rating.

How to get a new Quest?

Completing missions by Association HQ will unlock new regions of the map. After unlocking the open-world talk to the people in the town to unlock new quests. Look for people with question mark sign on the map. If you are able to convince them you will unlock new missions. Association Branch will offer you missions that will increase the contribution, while Association HQ will give you the main mission that will improve your hero’s ratings. Focus on picking missions that match your skill level.

One Punch Man New Quest

You will have to look for citizens with special icons on their heads. Talk to them to unlock new quests and rewards. You can replay missions of Association HQ and Association Branch, but you can play Quest only one time. So be careful before choosing one.

Follow the Red Flag:

After getting a new mission it will be marked as a red flag on the map. Follow it to play the main mission. You can unlock the main mission from Association HQ by helping the citizens. Completing their quest will reward contribution points.

How to read the Map?

One Punch Man Map Legends

A lot of things are marked on the mini-map, to open it on the PS4 press the touchpad. Use the D-pad Left or Right to change icons. You can find ample of interesting points using the Map like a safe house, main missions, gifts, etc. The above screenshot will help you to understand various places marked on the map. You can also visit shops in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows, where you can buy items, change apparel, etc. They are marked on the map.

List of All 23 Characters:

  1. Saitama
  2. Genos
  3. Terrible Tornado
  4. Silver Fang
  5. Atomic Samurai
  6. Hellish Blizzard
  7. Mumen Rider
  8. Speed-O-Sound Sonic
  9. Deep Sea King
  10. Carnage Kabuto
  11. Mosquito Girl
  12. Vaccine Man
  13. Metal Bat
  14. Tank-top Master
  15. Tank-top Black Hole
  16. Tank-top Tiger
  17. Metal Knight
  18. Stinger
  19. Melzargard
  20. Dream Saitama
  21. Handsome Kamen Amai Mask
  22. Child Emperor
  23. Spring Mustachio

Preserve Stamina for Combos:

Along with health, there is a stamina bar just below it. A thin blue line that depletes as you dash or perform a combo attack. There is a small blue icon below the end of the ina bar which is for executing perfect guard. An attack that blocks enemies’ incoming attack. Stamina will be restored automatically. Here is a guide on how to perform attacks in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows.

Ultimate Attacks:

Killer moves also called Ultimate Attacks are the strongest in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows. If you can pull out two attacks in one match you will definitely win the game. The attacks require a Move Stock, a special kind of meter allow you to unleash an ultimate attack.

What are the Hero Activities?

Hero Activity is every mission or quests you play as a hero, it is where your Ratings and Contribution decide your fate as Hero. Ratings and Contribution are very important in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows. When you play Missions and Quest you will earn Contribution, which will offer you recognition from Hero Association. This prompts Association HQ to issue you a mission. When you are able to complete missions by Association HQ your Ratings will improve.

How to use Killer and Super Killer Moves?

Killer Moves increase your damage giving more power and Super Killer Moves are the strongest attacks in One Punch Man game. There are three slots of Killer Moves and Super Killer Moves in a one-time movement. Click the links to know more about them and how to unlock these lethal moves.

More updates coming soon, we are in the process of getting more the game stay tuned for fresh tips in this guide.

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