How To Break Opponents Guard In One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows

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In One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows you will face stronger monsters after you are done with your training. Many of these have a strong combat set that can defeat you easily. One of the most annoying ones is breaking enemies’ guard that blocks your attack. When a monster in guard mode your attacks will not damage him. This is called a Perfect Guard in One Punch Man game. Breaking this guard is quiet important or else the enemy will dodge away and inflict high damage on you. So here is how you can break the guard of an enemy in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows.

How to tackle enemies’ defensive moves in One Punch Man A Hero game?

Using Charged Attacks will break enemy defense in the game. Hold Triangle or Square for a while to release a charged attack. This will throw the enemy off the ground, releasing a very strong wave of attack. When an enemy is in defensive mode, he will block your attacks. You have a few seconds to charge your attacks and break the perfect guard.

But in case if you are heavily attacked then you can perform your defensive move to stay safe. For this Press Circle right before the enemy attacks you. The perfect guard defensive move can cancel a lot of strong attacks giving you enough window to deal with monsters. When your defensive move is perfectly executed you will dodge with light speed and stand right behind the enemy.

This exact same move can be performed by opponents also, so be ready for it. Use Dash move to stay way, press Left Joystick in a direction to dash away at full speed. Stepping move is the fastest way to stay out of enemy attack range. Hold Circle and then use the Left Joystick to switch your position left or right.

So this is how you can break enemies’ defensive moves in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows.

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