How to Complete Genshin Impact Ode to Flower and Cloud Quest?

Windblume Festivals brings in different quest and rewards. Here is a guide on how to complete Ode to Flower and Cloud Quest.

Genshin Impact Update 1.4 Update unlocks the Windblume Festival. Talking to NPC’s around the corner reveals a new quest and reward. Ode to Flower and Cloud Quest is one of the initial quests you can play up for some primo-gems. In this Genshin Impact Windblume Festival Walkthrough, I will help you with how to start the Ode to Flower and Cloud Quest and how to complete this fast.

Ode to Flower and Cloud Quest Walkthrough

The first quest of the Windblume Festival focuses on a lot of talking. You will have to find some shopkeepers and talk to them regarding the festival. Why it is celebrated and the story behind it. It is not a very tough quest to solve. Below is quick navigation of things you have to do in Ode to Flower and Cloud Quest.

1. Talk to Sara

Genshin Impact Sara

Go to Mondstadt and talk to Sara. Her shop is on the left corner as you enter the area. On the left corner towards the south of the fountain. Talk to her first to unlock the next NPC.

2. Talk to Marjorie

Genshin Impact Majorie

After talking to Sara turn around and near the stairs on the right, you will see the next character. Marjorie. Talk to unlock the next step of the quest.

3. Talk to Katheryne

Genshin Impact Katheryne

After talking to Marjorie, look on the right end of the street and you will find Katheryne’s shop. Walk there and talk to her to know about the Windblume festival.

4. Talk to Flora at the Flower Shop

Genshin Impact Flora

Finally, you will find info about Flora. She is on the left of the stairs. Easy to find, she will give you a brief info about the festival. She will explain to you what the Windblume festival is. Click on the “What are Windblumes” question prompt on the screen to continue talking. Sara will tell you Windblume is a kind of flower, but there is no info on how it looks. Quinn joins the conversation, select “I’m new here, your local customer is a bit confusing for me.” to end this.

5. Go to Mondstadt Plaza & Talk to Venti

Follow the objective marker where the final part of this quest begins. You can easily find Venti, talk to her and pick “It’s certainly buzzing with excitement and happiness“. Venti will explain to you in more detail what is the theme of the festival. She will offer you some task which is the end part of Ode to Flower and Cloud Quest. Select “Got It” to talk to proceed further and pick the right prompts.

Listen to and Solve the Troubles of the citizenry (3): Answers

  1. Albert: Are you serious? You need to put a stop to all this immediately!
  2. Marvin: I think you should tell him. Be Brave and seize the opportunity
  3. Ellin: I disagree, you should definitely sign your name.

Return to Venti and continue the final talk. This is the last part of Ode to Flower and Cloud Quest. Grab your reward and you can proceed with another quest. Want to know more about this new event then check our guide Windblume Festival.