V Rising Octavian The Militia Captain Location & Boss Fight Guide

Check out our guide on how to find and defeat Octavian in V Rising.

While you gather resources to regain health and your place as a strong vampire in V Rising, you might also need to fight V bosses. The location of these bosses can be tracked using the Blood Altar once you unlock them. As you progress through different levels, you will encounter stronger bosses. Speaking of stronger V bosses, Octavian, the Militia Captain has one of the most versatile skillsets and abilities. But before you get to beat him, you need to find him first. So, here’s our guide on how to defeat Octavian in V Rising.

V Rising Octavian the Militia Captain Location

As you unlock the Octavian at level 56, head over to the Blood Altar to track him down. You can find Octavian at the Bastion of Dunley located at the north of Dunley Farmlands. The best time to encounter this V Boss will be during midnight to avoid any damage by the Sun. We suggest defeating the mobs surrounded by the area. As mentioned, this boss has one of the most versatile sets of abilities and skills. Octavian can close the distance with his attacks as well as inflict damage from a ranged distance. Once most of his health is depleted, this V blood boss can also summon more enemies for help.

Scroll till the end for some tips to defeat Octavian the Militia Captain.

V Rising How to Beat Octavian the Militia Captain

Octavian has five different attacks up his sleeve. While it is best to avoid close attacks, he can dash and charge with a sword to inflict damage. You need to keep a balance to survive not only his ranged attacks but also close-ranged distance. So, it is best to have some healing consumables like Blood Rose Potion. We suggest rather than getting into combat directly, the best way would be to study his pattern of attacks. Analyze all of his attacks and switch to defense to dodge them.

Let’s look into the attacks of Octavian, the Militia Captian in detail:

Overhead Rolling Horizontal Slash

This is one of the basic attacks that he inflicts when the combat begins. He throws one rolling sword in your way to inflict damage. You can dodge or get out of the way to avoid this damage. But as he throws this attack, you can dash through quickly to damage him.

v rising octavian boss fight guide
Image Source – Demone Kim on YouTube.

Overhead Spinning Slash

He throws four spinning swords in your way to inflict more damage. As he throws these spinning swords, he comes closer to damaging you with his sword.

v rising how to beat octavian
Image Source – Demone Kim on YouTube.

Charged Sword Dash

Octavian dashes and attacks you with a Sword with this charged ability. It is best to dodge and get out of the way when he pulls this attack.

charged sword dash
Image Source – Demone Kim on YouTube.

Militia Longbowman

Once you have depleted his health, he will summon a fire archer, Militia Longbowman to help him out with the combat. While you fight Octavian, this archer will keep on throwing fire arrows from a distance. Upon depleting his health, he can pull a charged attack against you. As this charged attack can inflict significant damage, we suggest dealing with this archer before you defeat Octavian.

militia longbowman
Image Source – Demone Kim on YouTube.

Spinning Whirlwind Slash

If the earlier attacks have been rough for you, this one can be difficult to dodge. When he inflicts this attack, he surrounds you with some spinning swords as he dashes with a spinning sword himself. During this attack, he covers a large area as you are surrounded by the swords. As it can be a challenge to dodge this attack, dash through him when he comes with a spinning sword. And, keep on attacking him when he stops spinning.

v rising octavian
Image Source – Demone Kim on YouTube.


Once you have defeated Octavian, upon extracting his blood you receive several rewards. You get the recipe to craft Dawnthorn Regalia, Dark Silver Ingot, and Dark Silver Weapons. You also unlock the Mirror Strike power and the Anvil structure.

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