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How To Get Dark Silver Ingots In V Rising

Wondering how you can get Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising? Check this out.

In V Rising, Dark Silver Ingots can be crafted after obtaining the recipe by defeating Octavian the Militia Captain. Dark Silver Ingots are very useful in forging armor and weaponry and crafting other items. To get them you will need to gather a few resources and that’s exactly what we will explain in this guide.

How to Get Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising


Find Dark Silver V Rising

In V Rising, the Dark Silver Ingots recipe can be obtained when you defeat the V-Blood boss Octavian the Militia Captain. You can find him in Bastion of Dunley region north of the Dunley Farmlands, the blood altar will lead you right to him. Octavian is a Level 58 V-blood boss so make sure you have good armor and weaponry when you face him.

How to Craft Dark Silver Ingots


To craft Dark Silver Ingots you will need 1 Scourge Bar and 20 Silver Ores for every single Ingot you need.

How to Beat Octavian the Militia Captain

V Rising Octavian Location


The Captain has dominant melee and range attacks so having a few healing and defensive spells will help you against a few of his attacks. In the beginning he will use two basic attacks. A rolling sword projectile like move and a slash which will send out four spinning swords.

You will have to watch out for the Militia Longbowman that he summons once he starts losing health. Finish him before he becomes a problem to you. He has a charge like ability as well which deals heavy damage when connected.

His ultimate ability is unlocked once he has lost significant amount of health. He will start spinning and throw multiple spinning swords in almost all direction. Your best approach to this would be to run around and jump over him. You can also try dashing through him instead. It might deal a little damage but you will be safe for most part of it.


This covers how you can beat Octavian the Militia Captain and get Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising. While you are here, check out how to unlock crafting recipes, how to make and farm Scourgestone and more V Rising guides, tips and tricks on Gamer Tweak.