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Oceanview Motel Puzzle Solution – Control Mission Unknown Caller Guide

Learn how to exit Oceanview Motel

Control has many puzzles that are tricky to understand and it can take up a lot of time. These puzzles do not have any combat or cinematic storyline, but they are captivating enough to engage you for hours. To save your time and energy so that you can focus more on combat, we bring you solution on how to get out of Oceanview Motel to reach the Hotline Object of Power in Control Main mission Unknown Caller.

How to get out of Oceanview Motel in Unknown Caller Mission


This one is the first puzzle so it is simple there is more coming up ahead. Like one is Mission Threshold where you have to do a bit more to get out. For this one, you have to press the bell on the main desk three times to unlock the last door on your left end side. The key is on the table. Just take the key and return back to the original position from where you had started.

Look for a door with Black Pyramid on it, unlock it and pull the cord to continue your mission. After completing this puzzle you will be able to grab the Hotline object of power. Save your time with this and keep reading more guides on Control game on our site.


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