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Control Beginners Tips – Some Instant Tips To Keep In Mind

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Control is an amazing game and will alter your perception at times, it gets really easy to lose your mind into how well the story is crafted and the design of the game. But there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that your sanity is in check and that you can easily progress through this mind-bending thriller of a game.

Control Beginners Tips & Tricks


Finding a good balance between your abilities and your service weapon will help you take down enemies quickly and with some style. Jesse Faden keeps learning new abilities as you progress in Control make sure that you put those to use and the weapon mods to keep unlocking, the more you experiment the more it will help you to find a perfect balance.

Health does not auto-generate in Control, so always be ready to run over the glowing blue items dropped by dead enemies. They will also drop some additional items that can be used for crafting.

There is no multiple profiles save game slots in Control, you have to continue from the last position. Focus on Control Points to save time. The map is a little confusing.


Explore, Control has a lot to explore and sometimes in the midst of the battle you will see things that attract you, make sure that you check out every possible area as there are plenty hidden gems and easter eggs to find in Control. The Oldest House is a terrifying place but if you explore it completely only then will you get the full scale of how intricate Control is.

Side Missions are pretty well hidden and because of this, they tend to unlock tons of abilities and weapon mods. Make sure that you complete as many side missions as you can. You will need to extensively explore the entire map in Control to find some of these side missions, and often times they deliver some of the best moments in the game. Search every nook and corner from the Research facility to the top floor. Completing side missions will also unlock new costumes for Jesse if you wish to see her in something new and fresh.

Ahti is a strange janitor but he comes pretty handy, don’t ignore his ramblings and pay attention, he can often help you out. Also, try and pay attention to the notice board hanging in the maintenance room. The more secrets you uncover the better your chances are of truly understanding Control.


Control does not have much loot drops, which means that whatever you find will be precious as it is hard to come by. To increase your chances of getting loot complete Bureau Alerts, you will need to access a control point and sign off the Alerts to collect the loot.

Control points are great as they help you save your last position and also let you modify your service weapon. You will need different materials to create new mods which will certainly be much-needed help in Control.

Also, remember to keep checking back at the Executive Hub every once in a while as it can have plenty of surprises for you.


Quick Tips:

  1. Always use Dodge to evade rockets and grenades.
  2. With upgrading abilities, you will be able to throw away rockets and grenades back on the enemies using the Launch ability. Upgrade this to last with Health and Energy.
  3. Use Pierce to kill flying enemies.
  4. Use charge to kill the armored enemy who shoots grenades.
  5. Evade, Launch, etc consumes energy, upgrade to the max through abilities.
  6. Use Seize whenever possible in laster stages to get little help.
  7. Weapons mods require materials, you have to explore a lot. There are personal mods also to upgrade Jesses abilities and power.

Weapons Beginners Tips:

  1. Grip: Semi-Automatic Weapon, ideal for close-range fights. Can be used on distance enemies also but good for killing nearby ones. A good all-rounder weapon.
  2. Shatter: Shoots scattershot that can hit multiple enemies at one time. But lacks range, so use it to kill nearby enemies.
  3. Pierce: Shoots a charged shots, in the form of a laser beam. Best for long-range and it can break any armor. I used it against Hiss energy globes, armored and flying enemies. The weapon has slow shoot time, so cannot be used if you are surrounded.
  4.  Spin: Shoot continuously on enemies, it has a high magazine and best used in a controlled burst. Damage is low.
  5. Charge: Shoot three explosives projectiles once charged, it can stagger enemies and capture others in the blast radius. An amazing weapon to clear the crowd, worthless on flying enemies but awesome against bosses.

These tips will go a long way in helping you out in Control. The game will certainly blow your mind and will mesmerize you.