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Traverse the Oceanview Motel Puzzle Solution – Control Mission Threshold Walkthrough

Solution to get out from Oceanview Motel

During the main Mission Threshold in Control game, you will come across phenomena where after pulling a cord you will transcend to Oceanview Motel. A completed locked place with doors and bell on the table. There is a puzzle to solve if you want to get out of this Motel, and in this Control Mission Threshold Walkthrough, I will show you the exact thing you have to do to get out of Oceanview Motel and proceed to Black Rock Processing.

How to Get Out of Oceanview Motel

You will land into Oceanview Motel from the Maintenance sector while finding your way to Black Rock Processing. After pulling the cord, you have to do the following to get out of Oceanview Motel in Control.

Control Oceanview Motel Solution

Control Oceanview Motel Solution

Press the bell on the desk two times to unlock Door 2, on your left side. Adjust the Radio, Painting and the Plant behind the door. Leave the chair as it is. Return to the main desk and press the bell once again to unlock the last door, that is the third room and collect the key from the table.

Control Oceanview Motel Solution

Take the key and return back to your last position, on your left there is a room with Black Pyramid on it. Go inside and pull the cord three times. Turn around and take first left, follow the pipe and jump down. Continue to Atlas Chamber, the big door will open right in front of you. You had unlocked a path to Black Rock Processing.