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Will Wordle Still Be Free After NYT Purchase?

New York Times buys Wordle, the online word puzzle game that has gone viral. How much have they bought it for and does the game become paid now? Here are your answers.

Now that New York Times has bought Wordle, fans are confused about the game’s future. The best thing about this online word puzzle game was that it was free to play and the website had no sign-ins, no ads, and paywall. Plus its once-a-day style has kept the format refreshing. So, what happens next? Do we have to pay to play Wordle online like Crossword?

Will Wordle Still be Free or Cost Money After NYT Purchase?

Wordle will continue to be free (at least initially). As per the official statement, “the game would initially remain free to new and existing players.” So, you don’t have to worry about spending money to access it after it moves to the NYT site for a while. But when will Wordle by paywalled? We’re not sure yet. If you head to the games section of NYT online, you will see that you need to subscribe to play them online. You can either pay monthly or yearly. So, let’s wait for more updates and until then, enjoy the game’s daily puzzles for free.

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Will your previous wins and Wordle streaks be saved?

Josh Wardle, the creator of the viral game is already working with NYT to make sure that your wins, as well as streaks, will be saved.

Here’s an update from the creator regarding this:

As you can see in his note, NYT has played a role in the origin of Wordle and this collaboration was a natural progression.

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NYT Buys Wordle for How Much? (Price)

New York Times has bought Wordle for “an undisclosed price in the low seven figures” and soon it will join the list of Word Games and Logic Puzzles like:

  • The Crossword
  • The Mini Crossword
  • Spelling Bee
  • Letter Boxed
  • Tiles
  • Vertex

And you can play them on your PC as well as your phone or tablet with the help of The Crossword App on iOS and Android. Here are all FAQs about New York Times Games Subscription answered.

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