Why You Are Not Getting Enough Tech Points In Palworld

Here are a few reasons why you are not getting enough Tech Points in Palworld.

The most important thing responsible for your progression in Palworld is the Ancient Technology Points. Otherwise known as Tech Points, this currency or resource is tough to farm in the game. That’s because obtaining this resource requires dealing with Alpha Pals and Tower Bosses.

Despite the clear method of gathering Tech Points, players are wondering why they are not getting enough of it. I mean, there must be some legitimate reasons for it, right?

We have found the reason behind this issue and are ready to share it with you. So, here’s how to learn why you are not getting enough Ancient Tech Points in Palworld.

Reasons Why You Are Not Getting More Tech Points in Palworld

Why you are not getting more or enough Tech Points in Palworld
Image Credits to MonkeyKingHero

First of all, you should know that not all the Dungeons reward you with Tech Points after getting completed. There are two types of Dungeons in Palworld: one with normal Pals and the other with an Alpha Pal. You will only get Tech Points from the Dungeons with Alpha Pals.

When the first time you clear a Dungeon with Alpha Pal in it, you are rewarded with 1 Ancient Tech Point. If you go over and clear out the same Dungeon again, you won’t get any reward. That means you will only get Tech Points for completing a Dungeon for the first time.

Also, it works the same for a Tower Boss. You will get x5 Ancient Tech Points after beating a Tower Boss for the first time. Defeating them a second time won’t net you any Tech Points. And yes, Tower Bosses do respawn like Alpha Pals on the map.

Note: Unlocking new Fast Travel Points is also a great way to earn 1 Ancient Technology Points.

Don’t worry much about it because there are countless Dungeons with Alpha Pals that you can clear. You will have to do a little exploration to find them. But that’s worth it if you think you are not getting enough Tech Points in Palworld.