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The Medium: How To Get Inside The Niwa Hotel

Here's a quick guide on how to get into the Hotel in The Medium.

Have you started playing The Medium? If your answer is YES then you must have got a call from a mysterious man, asking you to visit a Niwa hotel. When you finally reach the hotel, you will find all doors of the hotel are locked. Since the game has not mentioned how to get inside the hotel in The Medium, we have curated a guide explaining the same in the simplest way possible.

The Medium: How To Get Into The Niwa Hotel

When you reach the Niwa hotel, you will be astonished to see yet another door on the right side of the front entrance. When you get close to that door, you will find it locked and it has some dumpsters inside, which will help you get inside the hotel. Instead of finding a key to the main entrance, you should find a way to open this door.

To find a key to that door, turn around from the hotel and head back down the ramps. Once reached the bottom of the ramp, take a left turn and keep walking until you see a red car. Upon interacting with that car, you will be able to look inside.

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Take a look inside the car and push the button located next to the steering wheel to open up the trunk. Look inside the trunk and pick up the screwdriver, which will be quite useful to open the door to the dumpster.

After picking up the screwdriver, head back to the front of the hotel and unlock the door to the dumpster. Interact with the dumpster closest to the front windows and push it out of the door. Notably, you will have to push it until you have pushed it right up to the ledge of the entrance to the hotel.

Climb on top of the dumpster and then jump onto the ledge leading you to the hotel through the broken window. Now you have successfully entered the Niwa hotel.

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