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The Medium Globe Puzzle Solution: What Is Correct Dayroom Globe Pieces Order?

You need to find the missing piece of the globe and arrange all the pieces in correct order for The Medium Globe Puzzle solution.

You will encounter several puzzles in The Medium, one of which is the Globe Puzzle. The puzzle requires you to find a missing piece of the globe and then arrange it in correct pattern. While finding the missing piece is very easy, arranging the pieces in the correct order is quite difficult as the game does not give any description about it. Hence, we are here with The Medium Globe Puzzle solution guide to help you find the piece and arrange it in correct order.

The Medium: Where to Find the Missing Piece of the Globe

The Medium Globe Puzzle Solution

You will find the missing piece in the room exactly opposite to the globe. All you need to do is walk into the room and you will find the piece right there. Once you have the missing piece, walk right back to the globe and press X to interact with it. Now, press A to focus and place the missing piece on the globe to proceed with arranging it in the correct order.

The Medium Globe Puzzle Solution Guide: The Correct Pieces Order

The correct pieces order for The Medium Globe Puzzle Solution is Eyes, Nose, and Mouth. If you look closely at each piece, it resembles the mentioned facial parts. All you need to do is arrange them in the order they appear on the face for the Dayroom Globe Puzzle solution.

The only thing to note here is that when you click on any of the piece of the globe two pieces will move. The first piece to move is the one you clicked on and the other is the piece above it. The piece that you click will move up and the one above it will come down.

That’s the end of our The Medium Globe puzzle solution, it will help you with the correct Dayroom Globe Puzzle order. While here, ensure reading The Medium Clock puzzle solution guide too.