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The Medium: Where To Find Jack’s Tie Clip

Here's a quick guide on where to find Jack's tie pin in The Medium.

The Medium has plenty of puzzles that need to be solved to progress in the game. There is a puzzle tasking Marianne to find Jack’s tie clip to prepare him for his funeral. Since the game has not mentioned the exact location of Jack’s tie pin in The Medium, there are players who have been wondering where to find Jack’s tie clip in the game and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

Where to Find Jack’s Tie Pin in The Medium


The first thing you need to do to find Jack tie clip in The Medium is search for his room, which is located above his funeral parlour. It should be noted that Jack’s room has a photo frame and multiple medals hanging on the wall on the left side of the room.

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Jack’s tie clip can be found below the clock where his medals are hanging. When Marianne approaches the box, she will find it empty. The game will prompt you to use Marianne’s Insight ability by pressing and holding LB on Xbox and L Ctrl on PC.


Upon using Mariann’s Insight ability, items that you have been looking for will be highlighted. Yes, when you use her ability, you will find where Jack’s tie pin is exactly located. It is located below the clock just next to the box that you checked first.

After taking a look at the clock, press X to shift it back. Pick up Jack’s tie pin in The Medium and leave his room for your next objective.


That’s basically all you need to know about how to find Jack’s tie pin in The Medium. While here, ensure reading about how to get Razor Blade and what is correct Dayroom Globe Pieces order in The Medium.