Nintendo Switch Port Forward: Why You Should Not Do It

Here is why you should not port forward your switch.

Many Splatoon 3 players want a better online experience and Nintendo suggests you set up a port forward. But you will be surprised to learn the actual steps given by Nintendo. And yes this is on the official website which makes it even more concerning. So in this guide let us quickly check why you should not port forward your Nintendo Switch.

Why you Should NOT Port Forward your Nintendo Switch

why port forwarding your nintendo switch is a bad idea

The problem with the advice by Nintendo is it tells you to open the ports from 1 to 65535. This is bad because Nintendo is asking you to open all the ports for your Nintendo Switch. It would have been a different thing had Nintendo specified which ports to open and made you open a certain few ports. And even though one might say it is just for your Nintendo console, the risk is still there. And the risk is about some hacker finding a potential exploit that may allow them access to other networks on your system because of all the open ports.

When you port forward you basically allow other people to access your network. So a general rule of thumb should be to have as few ports open as possible to restrict any unnecessary access. Thus when you open up all the ports on your Nintendo Switch you put a risk on your security network. And another problem with opening all ports is, it would send all UDP traffic to your Switch, from your network. This has the potential to block the other services.

As a user, the best thing you can do is check your router for the UPNP (Universal Plug and Play) settings. You should go to your router settings and have that enabled instead. As it would forgo the need to set up a port forward.

That covers this guide on why you should not port forward your Nintendo Switch and how it is a bad idea. I suggest you check our guides on how to fix a communication error has occurred and check the server status of Splatoon 3. And for more help on other topics on this game check out our Splatoon 3 section.