Nier Replicant Letter To A Lover House Location

Borrow the Cupid wings and help two lost lovers unite with Letter To A Lover quest in Nier Replicant.

Nier Replicant has some of the most interesting side quests that have a twist on every turn. One such side quest is Letter to a Lover. If you go to the Seafront location and talk to the man who is a florist standing near the fountain of the village, he would ask you to deliver a letter to his lover. The lover’s house is located in The Aerie. Now Aerie can be a confusing place. So if you get lost out there, read this guide on where to find the Lover House for the Letter to a Lover quest in Nier Replicant and how to reach there fast.

Where is the Letter to a Lover House location in Nier Replicant?

Lover House Location

The Letter to a Lover House is located to the left of the Chief’s house in The Aerie. The location is a little distant so we suggest you complete the Boar Hunt quest to access boar riding. It would help you to save up time since the quest seems time-sensitive. Once you reach the Aerie, use the same route you take to reach the Chief’s house. Once you are on the bridge to the Chief’s house, take a left where there are two houses next to each other. The second house on the left is the Lover House. But once you reach there, you find that the Lover house has been vacant for a while now. That was a bummer.

Beware, once you see that the house is empty, you decide to go back to the florist to return the letter when you encounter a boss shade that you will have to fight in The Aerie itself. That is all for our guide on how to find the Letter to a Lover quest house location in Nier Replicant and the way to reach there fast. If you are facing difficulties completing the Fragile Delivery Side quest, check out our guide on How To Complete Fragile Delivery Quest In Nier Replicant?