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How To Complete Fragile Delivery Quest In Nier Replicant?

Here is how to handle things with care in Nier Replicant Fragile Delivery Quest

Fragile Delivery is a side quest in Nier Replicant. It is given to you by the Northern Gate Guard in the village location. He will ask you to deliver a parcel to Aerie with utter care as it is fragile. He also gives you a brief whereabouts of the location that you need to deliver which is the gold house at the highest point in the village. It belongs to the chief at the Aerie. Since the parcel is fragile, there are certain do’s and dont’s that need to be taken care of in the quest. We shall walk you through how to complete the Fragile Delivery quest in Nier Replicant easily.

How to Deliver the Fragile Delivery Package in Nier Replicant?


Now once you have received the parcel this is how you deliver the fragile parcel in Nier Replicant:

Fragile Delivery Quest

With the parcel, you first need to know what can break the parcel. Action like falling from a height or getting attacked will break the Fragile Delivery parcel so avoid that. An evasive roll would also cause the package to break and you will have to start over by taking another package from the guard. However, attacking or jumping will not affect the package and you are free to use magic as well.


How to Complete The Fragile Delivery Quest Easily

Once you know what to do and what not to do, it is time to head out and easily do some deliveries! For this delivery, we suggest you complete these two quests first: The Boar Hunt and second the main storyline to Aerie so that you defeat the Shade once and meet Kainé.

Ride A Boar
The reason we say this is because the boar hunt will get you access to a boar ride. This will be faster and help you navigate through a few of the enemies too.


Shades in Nier

Secondly, on the way to the golden house, you will encounter a lot of shades which you should tackle first. There is a lot of climbing and shade encounter in the way to deliver the package of the Fragile Delivery.

Now that everything is set, just navigate your way to the chief’s house and deliver the package. You can deliver the package without completing the other side quests mentioned and take the long route to the destination too. So that is all about the Fragile Delivery quest in Nier Replicant. If you would like to know If you would like to know how to heal easily, read our guide on How To Easily Heal Yourself In Nier Replicant.