How to Beat the Wild Boar in Nier Replicant – Hunt Quest Guide

Ride Boars to travel fast or use them to attack enemies, completing the Boar Hunting Quest will unlock this Nier Replicant.

Playing Nier Replicant and stuck with a quest where you have to find a wild boar then keep reading. This quest will reward you with the ability to ride boards in Nier Replicant. It is worth completing this side quest in the game. I will help you with an entire way on how to unlock the Wild Boar Quest and where to find the animal for hunting. After this, I am also sharing some combat tips on how to beat the wild board in Nier Replicant?

How to complete Boar Hunt Quest?

Nier Replicant Boar Hunting Quest

Wild Boar is a giant animal found grazing in the Northern Plains. To unlock the quest talk to the old man at the entrance of the village. You will unlock the quest by talking to the person, later you will have to find the Wild Boar.

Nier Replicant Boar Hunting Quest

Nier Replicant Boar Hunting Quest

Exit the village and walk to the east, cross a wooden bridge and you will be in the Northern Plains. You will find a lot of sheep grazing around. This is where you will find the Wild Boar, just explore around and the wild animal is fairly visible. It won’t do anything unless you attack. It is not easy to defeat the boar, it will use a charge and throw attack. It is almost not possible to tackle this boar from the front. Here are some quick tips on how to defeat the boar in Nier Replicant?

  1. Use Magic instead of Sword.
  2. Lure the boards towards mountains or rocks. It will charge and hit the rock, this will stun the animal.
  3. You will have to dodge its charging attack and then hit from the backside.
  4. Avoid tackling the animal from the font, let him charge and then the Boar will stop.

The boar will take some breaks before he goes with the second charge. This is your window to hit the animal. Do not stand in the front of the head, target the back legs and you will be able to easily hunt the Wild Board in less time. If you get caught in its charge attack you will lose a major chunk of your health in one blow.


  1. Boar Hide
  2. Boar Tusk

Collect the above rewards after defeating the boar. To unlock the boar riding ability return the old man back to the village. You will have to return one item to the old man and you will unlock the boar riding ability. Next time when you visit Northern Plains you can grab a ride. You can also use the board to attack smaller enemies. So this is how you can complete Boar Hunting quest in Nier Replicant.