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How To Easily Heal Yourself In Nier Replicant

Do you wish to know how to heal yourself in Nier Replicant? You can check out all the different methods right here

Knowing how to heal yourself in Nier Replicant will come in handy during battles and will offer longer and successful battles in the game. While you face monsters and many other types of enemies that are generally too strong for you, healing yourself will get you back after being almost near to death. This guide will show you how you can heal in the game.

How To Heal Yourself In Nier Replicant


There are 4 ways to heal yourself in Nier Replicant, you can use healing items, by being near save points, by using Words with the Drain Health ability, and finally by recruiting Emil to your party. Below we’ve given detailed information on how you can heal using all of these different ways.


Using Healing Items In Nier Replicant


Using healing items like Medicinal Herbs, Health Salves, and Recovery Potions is the fastest way to heal yourself in the game. These items can be bought from in-game vendors or you can find these items by killing enemies and getting them as dropped items.

Being Near Save Points In Nier Replicant

As you get close to a save point in Nier Replicant, your health will automatically be restored, but you will have to keep in mind that you only find the save points which look like post boxes before and towards the end of a dungeon.


These heal you completely and free of charge but depending on them can be a fatal mistake, so make sure that you plan out your strategies if you wish to recover yourself using save points in the game.

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Using Words with the Drain Health Ability In Nier Replicant


Words with the Drain Health ability in the game will let you drain the health of your enemies with each strike. Now, the health restored isn’t much at first but the more enemies that you takedown, the faster and more health you will regain.

This will help you during boss battles and other times when you’re surrounded by enemies. Each hit that you make, gives you a small portion of your enemy’s health.

Recruiting Emil In Nier Replicant

After you’ve permanently recruited Emil to your party in the game, you will often see that he sends out a healing spell towards you. This is random at the best and a fairly unreliable way of healing.

While Emil will keep on trying to heal you, having other healing items will cut off the dependency and make you better immediately.

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