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Nier Replicant: Where to Find Royal Fern?

Stuck at the Tavern’s Keepers Quest, Here are some places you can find the Royal Fern.

Nier Replicant adds a lot to the 2010 Nier, from new side quests, additional storylines, and some resources as well. Royal fern is a key resource in the original one as well as Nier Replicant. Royal fern is a type of resource that grows on the northern plains and is needed to complete The Tavern Keeper’s Grandmother quest, so let’s see where you can find the Royal Fern in Nier Replicant.

Royal Fern location in Nier Replicant


Nier Replicant Royal Fern
Royal ferns are available in abundance at the Northern plains right outside the village. The problem is that almost every shiny thing in the Northern plains can be the Royal Fern, the Northern plains are very big and there are a lot of shiny things there. Unfortunately, there is no way to identify which is a berry and which is a Royal Fern, so you’ll have to check each one of them. You can try at the Boulder surrounded by enemies, we found a Royal fern there.

Players can also go down to the south and just before crossing the bridge, you will find one Royal Fern at the edge of the plain. Cross the bridge and head north, just near a goat you can find another Royal fern. One fern can also be found near a wall in Northern Plains very close to the Village. Remember that spawns are different for everyone so you might find Royal ferns here or you might get other berries or iron ore, what you find is purely luck-based.

You can go to the village and come back, and the shiny spots will re-spawn on the map, enabling you to look again and collect some more Royal Fern. One hack around this is to buy Royal Ferns, Players can buy it from one of the shops at the Seafront. You can try looking for them or can just simply buy them and move on to the next quest, whatever floats your boat.


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