The Complete Nier Replicant Farming Guide

Find out the basics about Farming in Nier Replicant.

Nier Replicant allows you to take part in traditional activities such as Farming and Fishing. And why not we ask. It allows you to take a breather from the usual hustle-bustle of the game. There are various side quests that you can complete in the game that will help overall progress. They aren’t particularly important to the story but are a good way to farm money and level up quicker in the game. Without further ado scroll down and read more about the complete Farming Guide. You will get information about how to plant seeds in Nier Replicant and how to harvest and cultivate plants.

How to unlock Farming in Nier Replicant

Nier Replicant Farming Guide: How to Plant Seeds
Unlock the Farming mechanic by completing a side quest.

To unlock the Farming mechanic you have to first complete a side quest. This side quest is known as ‘Shopping List’. The ‘Shopping List’ quest is one of the first quests unlocked in Nier Replicant. To complete it you will have to go to the village. Head over to all the shops in the village and find the one where a woman with flowers is sitting on a bench. She will give you the ‘Shopping List’ quest where she requests 3 Tulip bulbs from you. For this, you will have to go to the Florist in the Seafront area. Purchase the requested materials and head back to the village. Deliver it to the lady and you will successfully complete the quest.

The reward for completing this quest is that you will have unlocked a farm plot right outside your residence. There are two other farm plots beside it which you can access by completing another quest given by the lady, requesting you to get three Bounty Fertilizers from the Seafront area.

If you did miss out on completing the side quests to unlock the Farming Plots in Nier Replicant, there is another way. Go to the village florist and purchase the Cultivator’s Handbook from the village florist for 5000 Gold. This will unlock all the plots and a few other extras.

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How to Plant seeds in Nier Replicant

  • Purchase some vegetable and fruit seeds.
  • You can do so from the Item Shop.
  • Go to the Farming Plots next to your house with the seeds in your hand.
  • Interact with the farming plot.
  • Now select the seeds of your choice and click on Plant Seeds.
  • After this water the seeds by selecting them and clicking the ‘Water’ option.
  • Fertilizers need to be applied to the farm plots before planting the seeds.
  • This will change the way that the plant grows.
  • If you use the Speed Fertilizer the plants will grow faster.
  • The Flowering Fertilizer will lengthen the flowering and harvesting period of the plant.
  • The Bounty Fertilizer increases the harvest output.
  • By growing your own plants and vegetables you can save up money on buying fruits and vegetables.

How to Harvest and Cultivate Plants in Nier Replicant

Once the crops are fully grown go to your farming plot and interact with the plants you’ve grown. The ‘Harvest’ option will pop up at this time. Clicking on it will add the cultivated plants directly to your inventory. You can even sell all your crops at the store in the village. This is an additional way to earn some extra money in the game. Also, your cultivated fruits can be useful to you on your journeys.

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