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Where To Find And Catch Hyneria In Nier Replicant

Here's the Hyneria location, which bait to use and how to catch this fish in Nier Replicant.

During the Fisherman’s Gambit, you will get the quest to catch Legendary Hyneria in Nier Replicant. It’s the 9th part of this questline and the last and final stage which means getting this fish will be a challenge. But it can be super easy if you head to the right location spot with the correct bait. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through this part. Here’s how to catch Hyneria in Nier Replicant.


Where to Find Hyneria Location and Which Bait to Use?

To catch Hyneria, you have to go to the Desert where you got the Sandfish. This spot is located in the south-west section on the map where you will find a sand river. The correct bait is Sardines so go ahead and buy them from the Fishing Shop present in Seafront. Stock up on them because they are cheap. If not, you can collect Sardines by using Lugworms as bait. But at this stage of the game, you may have enough Gold to purchase them easily and save time.

Hyneria Location and Bait


How to Catch Hyneria in Nier Replicant

When you’ve reached the location, fish for Hyneria as usual. On PlayStation, press Circle and on Xbox press B to cast your line. When you get the bite, press the same button to hook it and then pull the rod using the analog stick. Reel it in when the fish’s HP reaches zero.

You could find a lot of other things in this spot, so patience is key. But other than that, it will be very easy to catch this particular fish. Once done, you must go to the Fisherman present in Seafront and talk to him. This is how you will complete the entire Fisherman’s Gambit questline and get the max boost for your fishing skill.


That’s all about how to catch Hyneria in Nier Replicant ver 1.22’s Fisherman’s Gambit quest. While you are here, don’t miss out on our Nier Replicant guides on Gamer Tweak!