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Nier Reincarnation Beginners Guide – Tips & Tricks

All of the best tips and tricks for beginners in Nier Reincarnation.

Nier Reincarnation, the mobile version of the very popular NieR hit, has seen a lot of players – both beginners as well as experts – excited to know more about it, and we have got just the guide for new players. In this guide, we will walk you through the tips and tricks that will help you understand and get used to this game in little next to no time.

Nier Reincarnation Beginners Guide – Tips & Tricks



Stick to the Path in Nier Reincarnation

When you begin to play Nier Reincarnation, you will have to follow a particular path that guides the girl and Mama through the halls and ancient columns. Simply sticking to this path will help you get to your first Scarecrow. If you follow the clear and concise course provided by the game, you will have no chance of getting lost. There might be certain instances where you will need to choose your own path, but this should not really be complex or intimidating.


Since your main aim is to find all of the game’s Scarecrows, sticking to the path will help you find them and acquire new weapons and characters.

Also, doing so will help you unlock important resources like Gems. You will need gems for summonings, as well as to unlock better weapons and characters.

Enhance Character Force


Nier follows a character enhancement system that allows you to be able to upgrade your characters to perform better. We recommend you pay close attention to this feature, as it can help you immensely as you progress through the game.

The tiers range from Small to XL. You can even choose to upgrade materials by winning battles and completing quests. Additionally, redeeming prizes is a great way of upgrading too. Equipping your characters with 2 or more weapons can also help enhance the strength of your characters.


Use Companions – Nier Reincarnation Beginners Guide


Companions are tiny creatures that can help you by attaching themselves to your heroes whenever needed. While they can only attack enemies once, they do have the ability to inflict a powerful blow whenever they do so. They even continue to live despite your hero dying, so that also enhances their appeal.

To unlock these helpful creatures, you need to take part in the main quests or the subquests.

Get rid of Low-tier Weapons

Once you begin to make steady progress in Nier Reincarnation, you will begin to notice that your weapons with 2-star ratings are just not good enough, even with maximum upgrades. You will find the need to equip your characters with weapons that have 3 to 4-star ratings.

During such instances, you can get rid of your lower-rated weapons by selling them for gold. To do so, you need to go to the Enhancement tab.

Make Use of Duplicate Weapons for Upgrades

Another great feature in Nier Reincarnation that you will love as a beginner is the fact that you can upgrade weapons by using their duplicates. This will save you the effort of using enhancement materials.

Increase Squad Level with Exploration Games

Now that you already know how to increase the level of individual characters, it is time to focus on enhancing squad levels. To do so, you just need to play in the game, and win the fights that you come across.

If you want to, you can also participate and win in the mini games inside the Exploration tab on the lower right of your display. Increasing squad ranks will make your team even more potent when you take part in battles, so this is an important tip you do not want to miss!

Play Guerrilla Quests

Guerrilla Quests are a great platform for the farming of large quantities of items that you can upgrade. These events occur only four times a day, so you will need to keep this in mind.

Participate in Quests

While grinding through the quests in Nier Reincarnation may seem tiresome, they are a great way of acquiring unique materials. You can use these materials to upgrade weapons, companions, and memories among other things. You can also receive Garden of Benediction Medals by taking part in the Record: Garden of Benediction sidequests.

Look out for Black Birds in The Cage

When you explore The Cage in NieR, you might come across little black birds that appear randomly. Upon spotting one, tap on them. Doing so will give you a gift. There are chances you can acquire enhancement materials by doing so, so this is great if you are a beginner.

And that’s it. These are the important tips and tricks you need to know in this beginners guide in Nier Reincarnation. As you progress in the game, you will be able to still apply these tricks to get better at the game, helping you have an even more enjoyable gaming experience.

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