New World: Defeat Alastor The Vigilant In The Ritual Quest

Find out how to fix spawn bugs & beat Alastor The Vigilant easily in the Ritual.

Wondering how to spawn & defeat Alastor the Vigilant during the Ritual Quest in New World? Look no further for we have managed to find a fix for the glitch and solution to the boss fight if you are playing solo. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

New World Alastor Spawn Bug Fix

New World Alastor the Vigilant Spawn Bug Fix

The Ritual quest revolves around defeating Alastor the Vigilant. The players must collect a Heartgem and deliver it to the Armine Temple. It’s quite improbable that Alastor will spawn on the first attempt. You may either repeat the quest by accessing the Journal using J Button, or leave the game and log back in to repair Alastor’s spawn bug in New World. Keep in mind that Alastor the Vigilant’s spawn rate is incredibly low. It might take a couple of hours at most for him to respawn after being killed by some other player. Once he spawns back you can do the boss battle to move forward in the quest. Before facing Alastor, there is a blue barrier to overcome. He spawns just in front of the wall.

How to Defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World?

The best way to beat & defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World The Ritual quest is by attacking him with a group of other players. He’s a level 25 boss, and all you have to do is strike him with various attacks to get counted for beating him. Yes, Alastor the Vigilant isn’t a particularly dangerous adversary. Minor skeleton opponents will appear across the fight to aid Alastor, but if you’re well-equipped, this won’t be a problem. After defeating Alastor the Vigilant, place the Heartgem on the Amrine Temple altar to continue with the rest of the quest.

If you’re doing it alone, though, keep a safe distance between you and him at all times. He has a wide range of slicing strikes. Sword & Shield is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with your enemies. But Alastor’s close-range strikes are deadly and may quickly deplete your health. So using some type of staff, such as Life Staff or Fire Staff, is the ideal option. With the appropriate talents in order, the Life Staff may heal you while also doing a significant amount of damage. With this, you will be able to easily beat & defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World The Ritual quest.

That’s all about how to spawn, beat, & defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World during The Ritual main quest. While you are here, make sure to check out our New World Guides for more tips & tricks like How to Fast Travel in New World, Get Linen, Azoth, & New World Creator Program Explained.