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How To Get New Item In Wacky Wizards Update December 2021

Here's how to get the new item in Wacky Wizards with every update. Find out the step by step process unlock the new ingredient easily!

Wacky Wizards is a Roblox game that keeps its fans hooked with its frequent updates (Wacky Wednesdays!). Every time, there’s a new item that gets added which is the main star of the show. All the recipes are focused around it, so naturally, players flock towards it as soon as the new content comes out. In this article, we will be updating the newest ingredient in Wacky Wizards in each update, so bookmark it and check back often.

How to Get the New Item or Ingredient in Wacky Wizards?


We will be adding the new items with the update dates so that you can keep track of what to do and what you may have missed!

How to Get Snowman Ingredient in Christmas Update (December 1st)

how to get snowman ingredient wacky wizards new

  • First, head to the area where there’s a Christmas tree, gifts and other Christmassy decorations.
  • Next to the Christmas Tree, you will see a little snowman kept on a glacier.
  • To unlock Snowman, you have to buy it with 1800 Candy Canes.
  • How to Get Candy Canes? You can shoot targets with snowballs, give gifts to characters on the map and also find hidden candy canes all around it. Here’s the process of getting more candy canes in Wacky Wizards explained in more detail.

How to Get New Item Turkey Ingredient in Thanksgiving update (November 24th)

The new item this time in Wacky Wizards is the Turkey ingredient. Here’s how to unlock it:


wacky wizards new item turkey ingredient thanksgiving update

  • To get Turkey, you have to simply get to the top of the waterfall area by flying to it.
  • Once there, you will see the Alive Turkey in the nest.
  • Click on the item to carry it in your hand.
  • Take it to the cannon because as Oz will tell you, you need to evict the bird.
  • Keep doing this 20 times within 1:30 minutes duration. Luckily, you will find them spawning near the cannon so you can quickly put them into the cannon back-to-back.
  • After this, you will get the Cooked Turkey ingredient on your table and you can use it for Turkey recipes.

To know all the Wacky Wizard recipes with the Turkey ingredient, check out our related guide here.

Walking Cane in Old Update (November 17th)


To unlock the Old ingredient in Wacky Wizards, follow these steps:

  • Head to Oz’s house which is hidden inside the grey wall which has a grass bush at the doorway.
  • Walk through it and go behind Oz’s house.
  • There is a mysterious bush that says “Do not pour hot potion.”
  • Now you need to do the exact opposite and pour a hot potion in there.
  • Head back to your Cauldron and create the hot potion by dropping one Chili into it.
  • Now, go back to that area and use the potion. It will set the bush on fire.
  • A square hole will open up – jump into it.
    how to get old ingredient walking cane wacky wizards
  • Walk ahead and you’ll find a locked door.
  • How to open the Locked Door? You need a potion that will make the door explode. Create one with Dynamite.
  • Drink the explosive potion which will make you and the door explode. Walk inside the area and you’ll find a second door.
  • Next, you will need an Oz Potion to access the other door which says “Oz Only”. Don’t try to enter as your normal self because you will immediately die!
  • How to make Oz Potion? You can make it by adding Foryxe’s and Jandel’s Head into the Cauldron.
  • For that, walk towards the waterfall and enter Cave Club.
  • Turn right and you need to collect Foryxe’s Head, and then collect Jandel’s head from the Desert next to a Cactus.
    how to make oz potion
  • Combine both into your cauldron and you will have your Oz potion.
  • Now go back to the second door and drink the Oz potion. And poof! You will become OZ!
    how to get walking cane
  • Pick up Oz’s wallet from the room and give it to Oz.
  • After your short interaction with him, you will get the Walking cane old ingredient in Wacky Wizards.
  • You can go ahead and put the Walking Cane in the Cauldron to make the Old potion and see what happens!

How to Get New Premium Item Anime Sword (Anime Ingredient)

You will have to head to the in-game shop and click on the Anime Sword item to unlock it. But it is only possible if you have 2500 Gems since it’s a premium item.

That’s all for this update. More Wacky Wizards updates are coming soon! So don’t forget to check back here for the step-by-step guide on how to get the new item in Wacky Wizards.