Roblox Wacky Wizards: How To Fly Using Potions?

Check out this guide to know how to fly in Roblox Wacky Wizards.

There are quite a few flying potions in Wacky Wizards that you can use to traverse the map faster than simply walking. It will save time and you can get more done compared to other players. You can even obtain the ingredients faster so let’s get right into how to fly in Wacky Wizards.

How to Fly in Roblox Wacky Wizards?

You need a flying potion to be able to fly in Wacky Wizards. There are many such potions you can use:

  • Mermaid Potion
  • Broom Potion
  • Flybux Potion
  • Octopus Potion
  • Jetpack Potion

Let’s find out what ingredients you need to brew these flying potions.

Mermaid Potion

wacky wizards broom flybux octopus jetpack potions

To brew this potion, you need:

  • 1 Fairy
  • 1 Fish

Be a mermaid and swim all over the map with this one. Although it doesn’t truly give you the flying experience, it’s something. This is one of the easiest potions to make which does not need any premium items nor does it require completion of a questline.

Broom Potion to Fly in Wacky Wizards

To brew this potion, you need:

This is the perfect way to feel like a magical being – be it Witch or Wizard. Fly around using your broom with these ingredients. The Witches Brew ingredient needs some effort but we’ve covered all the steps to get it in our guide.

Flybux Potion

To brew this potion, you need:

Check out our guide on how to get the Robux item/ingredient and find out how to get the Bird. With both items obtained, you can craft this Flybux Potion.

Octopus Potion

how to fly in roblox wacky wizards

To brew this potion, you need:

  • 1 Giraffe Hoof
  • 1 Spider
  • 1 Fish

Anything is possible when you are a Witch or a Wizard. Go ahead and turn yourself into a half octopus and fly effortlessly!

Jetpack Potion

To brew this potion, you need:

  • 1 Hat of Gears
  • 1 Bird

The Hat of Gears is a premium item and you need to buy it. But there is a chance to get it for free if you beat the Cyclops boss that spawns hourly. Get the Cyclops Eye to Oz the Wizard and you will get Robux. But he will tell you that if you bring the Cyclops Eye again, you will get a Premium item. So, all you have to do is give him the Eye and you will get 5 Hat of Gears for Free.

So, these are all the Wacky Wizards flying potions you can use to fly around the map and save time. For more such tips, how to get Robuxhow to get all ingredients and how to obtain Dynamite.

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