Best Netrunner Build Cyberpunk 2077 1.6 – Top Skills, Weapons, etc

Here is a guide on the best Netrunners Build that especially focuses on stealth-based gameplay.

If Stealth is your style then Netrunner is the best-fit role for you in Cyberpunk 2077. Hack your way into the system is how Netrunners work. With the right set of skills, weapons, etc they can execute any task quietly. As Netrunners are skilled hackers they can play with computer interfaces and plan out various silent attacks. This is possible if you are having the best Netrunners built with you. In this guide, you can find suggestions for top skills, weapons, perks, and more.

Netrunner’s Build Guide: Top Weapons, Perks & Cyberware

Cyberpunk 2077 Net Runner Build

Before we dive into understanding what skills and perks fit this character best, let’s check out the pros and cons of being a Netrunner in Cyberpunk 2077. They are good with quick hacks and can take down enemies in stealth. Netrunners can breach security protocols for earning good cash, can craft materials, and identify enemies’ vulnerabilities. This all sounds cool, but Netrunners are not good in hand-to-hand combat. Stealth is the only playstyle that can keep them alive for long, so if you are one of the hacker’s groups do not expose yourself.

To make Netrunners put all your effort into upgrading the Intelligence attribute. This is going to improve your stealth gameplay. The next three attributes to focus on are Cool, Reflexes Body. To make things easier to understand, check out the points below. Set your priority of attributes update as listed below.

  • Intelligence: 20
  • Cool: 20
  • Reflexes: 14
  • Technical: 6
  • Body: 12

Which is the best weapon for Netrunner?

Archangel is a good handgun that can fit well in Netrunner’s build. This weapon can cause electric damage and also stun enemies. Make sure you apply a silencer to the gun. You can also pick from SMG, Shotgun, Sniper, and Rifle category also. Here are some suggestions.

  • Handgun: Archangel or Lizzie
  • Rifles: Kyubi or Moron Labe
  • Shotgun: Carnage or VST-37 Pozhar
  • SMGs: Fenrir or Shingen Marv V
  • Snipers: Overwatch or Window Maker

For weapons, you will be starting at a base level and then you have to work on making them better. Focus on a weapon that can give you more damage in one shot. Also, any weapon that is capable of boosting Quickhacking damage is also good. For this, the right set of mods is required. That you can explore as you unlock weapons and explore the mods menu. Here are some recommendations for the best weapon perks.

  • Bulletjock: +10% Rifle Damage.
  • Bullseye: +10% Rifle Damage.
  • Executioner: +25% Rifle & SMG Damage.
  • Duck Hunter: +20% Rifle & SMG Damage on moving enemies.
  • Hunter Hands: -10% less recoin on Rifle & SMG.
  • Named Bullets: +20% Crit Damage on Rifles & SMG.
  • Eagle Eye: -50% Aim Down Sight time.
  • Hail of Bullets: +10% Shotgun Damage.
  • Dead Center: +20% Shotgun Body Damage.
  • Skeet Shooter: +15% Shotgun Moving Damage.
  • Bulldozer: +5% Shotgun Crit Chance.
  • Massacre: +30% Shotgun Crit Chance.
  • Pump It: -20% Shotgun Recoil.
  • In Your Face: -30% Shotgun Recoil.
  • Slow & Steady: +30% Armor.
  • Shifting Sands: +15% Stamina while Dodging.
  • Sting Like a Bee: +30% Monowire Attack Speed.

Best Perks, Cyberware, and Mods:

Perk points will let you unlock the Quickhacking skill tree. From here you can unlock special abilities that will help you to upgrade your character.

  • Frontal Cortex: Memory Boost, Ex-Disk & Limbic System Enchantment
  • Ocular System: Krishi Opitmics MK.3, Trajectory Analysis & Weakspot Detection
  • Circulatory System: Biomonitor, Micro generator, Feedback Circuit & Second Heart.
  • Immune System: Shock-n-Awe, Cataresist & Inductor.
  • Nervous System: Synaptic Accelerator & Reflex Tuner.
  • Integumentary System: Subdermal Armor and Optical Camo.
  • Operating System: Tetratronic Ripller Mk.4, NetWatch Net driver Mk.5, Stephenson Tech Mk.4, Biotech Mk.3, and Stephenson Tech Mk.3.

It is quite complicated to bring out all the best possible Cyberwares, or mods in one single guide. But above you can find recommendations for the best to begin. With there are also many quick hacks items like Cybperpschosis, Ping, Contagion, Short circuit, etc. For the Skeleton items like Bionic Joins and Synaptic Signal Optimizer can boost health and weapon recoil. For arms, Monowire will be the main unlock. For more help do visit our Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki guide to amazing tips and tricks on this game.

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