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Elden Ring – Nepheli’s Location & Questline Guide

Here is how you can find Nepheli and also complete her questlines in Elden Ring.

Nepheli, also known as Nepheli Loux, is an NPC in Elden Ring who is a fellow warrior and tarnished. She was tasked by her father, Gideon Ofnir, to dethrone the Lord of Grafting, Godrick. In this guide, I will talk about the Locations & Questlines regarding Nepheli in Elden Ring.

Nepheli’s Location & Questline in Elden Ring


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Your initial encounter with her will be at Stormveil Castle, inside one of the rooms that appear before the Secluded Cell Site of Lost Grace. From there, a straight path that will lead to Godrick the Grafted will be there. But this path is guarded by two Grafted Birds. This path is directly opposite to where two Soldiers & a Giant are. This is the first location where you encounter her. The second one happens after you defeat Godrick the Grafted & speak to her father in the Library of the Roundtable. Complete all dialogues with him regarding Nepheli in Elden Ring.

After that, speak to Nepheli herself at the Roundtable and exhaust her dialogues. The next time you will find her, she will be under a Stone Bridge that leads to the Village Of The Albinaurics. After talking to her, she will appear again in the Roundtable but crouched and somewhere near the Blacksmith. These are all of the possible locations you will find Nepheli in Elden Ring.


Nepheli’s Questline

There are 2 main missions you will have to do with Nepheli in Elden Ring. Those are Her Father’s Orders & Seluvis’s Potion. The First one is getting her out of the room in Stormveil Castle. After talking to her, she will offer help to takedown Godrick. Before you go to fight Godrick, you must summon Nepheli by using her summoning sign. This will work in both Online & Offline modes. After defeating Godrick the Grafted, she will move to the Library in the Roundtable Hold. Talk to her and exhaust her dialogues, after which she will reward you with the Arsenal Charm.

The next mission is Seluvis’s Potion. Over here You will have to first talk to Nepheli at the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring. After which, you’ll have to talk to Preceptor Seluvis and get a quest. He will give you a Potion that Nepheli must Drink. To find Nepheli, you will have to head towards the Stone Bridge at Village of Albinaurics as mentioned above. After talking to her, you will have to head back to the Roundtable Hold and talk to her down the stairs from the Blacksmith. Exhaust her dialogues and then talk to Gideon Ofnir in the Library and exhaust all dialogues regarding Nepheli.


After that, tell him about the Potion. Here you will be given the choice of either giving the Potion to Gideon or Nepheli. If you give it to him, he will presumably dispose of the Potion & if you give it to Nepheli will make her unresponsive and leave the Roundtable Hold. No matter what you choose, head back to Preceptor Seluvis and talk to him. Depending on what you chose, the dialogues are a bit different but the outcome is the same. After this, the quest is completed, you will be given the ability to learn Incantations.

This was all about Nepheli’s Location and Questlines. In my opinion, you should give the Potion to Gideon as Seluvis may not have the best intentions for Nepheli. She may come in help later on so the best is to keep her in good shape. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find her & complete her questlines easily. You can also check out our other guides like How To Parry & Guard Counter & How To Use Ruin Fragments & Their Locations in Elden Ring.