The Division 2 Nelson Theatre Hostages Collectibles Location

Locate all 4 collectibles early

Classified missions in the Division 2 are a really good way to keep you entertained and gives you a motivation to complete and unlock new items after the main story has been finished. The two new Classified Assignments Bond Bank and Nelson Theatre Hostages are available for Year Pass owners and this guide will help you find all the hidden collectibles and get a fancy backpack trophy.

Just like the previous ones, these have a daily reset time so you might have to wait a bit for them, but like always you will need to find four audio logs and one backpack trophy.

Nelson Theatre Hostages Collectibles & Backpack Trophy

This is a rescue mission, which means you will have to successfully rescue all the hostages trapped inside while taking down enemies who come in your way, the collectibles are easy to find.

Collectibles 1

You will find the first collectible at the first combat area, just as you enter it you will find a lowered gate to your left. You will need to follow the two yellow power lines to restore the power to the generators. The generators are on the second floor of the room you are in and the other is in the hallways across the first room.

Collectibles 2

To collect this, simply go to the second hallway which has the generator and look to your right, you will need to interact with the shut elevator. Open it up to find the collectible.

Collectibles 3

You will need to go to the underground section of the theater, there you will find a hallway which leads to a one-way elevator. On the left of it, there is a locked door. Shoot the lock to gain entrance and you will find the collectible there.

Collectibles 4

To locate the final collectible you will have to find the main stage of the theater and go behind it, where you will find a catwalk. There you will find a zip-line at the end of it. Shoot the zip-line to drop the line and you can climb it.

This is all there is to know about finding the collectibles in Classified Assignments in The Division 2.