The Division 2 Classified Assignments Bond Bank Collectibles Location

The perk of having the 1 Year Pass for The Division 2 is you get to play the Classified Assignments starting with the bonus missions — Bond Bank. Players can play these mission once every day and there are hidden collectibles as rewards you need to look out for. There are 4 Collectibles and 1 Backpack Trophy in first The Division 2 Classified Assignments.

Bond Bank Collectibles & Backpack Trophy Location

The newly added Raid DLC from Ubisoft features mission called ‘Bond Bank, multiple secret rooms, extra loot, and farming easy XP to earn. You need to look out for these collectibles before you finish the mission. Here are all 5 collectible locations and where to find them in Division 2 Raid DLC.

Note: If you complete the mission, a timer will lock you out of the mission.

Head north of the White House Base of Operations and keep following to find the hidden entrance. Start the First Classified Assignment (Mission) – Bank Bond by taking down a few Hyenas. The Mission is on a timer so you won’t be able to replay once you complete it. So it’s better to start clearing out by entering the secret rooms and start finding the collectibles at below location.

Bank Bond Backpack Trophy – Hotdog

From the first combat area, head to the second floor to find the backpack trophy location. Head to the upper back-right corner from the entrance of the locked room. You need to find the Administration door by following the yellow line. From the front of the Security room, shoot the yellow box to unlock the door and loot.

Bank Bond Collectible 1

From the first combat room, head to the bottom floor and check the back-right corner room.

Bank Bond Collectible 2

Head towards the Airlock from the lobby to open the optional door (security room). Enjoy the loots and the collectible.

Bank Bond Collectible 3

In the Vault combat area, before destroying the four caches simply take right as you enter. To enter the room you must shoot the lock and then grab all the loot containers and a collectible.

Bank Bond Collectible 4

Once you reach the Office (final combat area), head to the back-left corner. Shoot the yellow box of the locked office to the left and unlock it. Here is your final secret room full of loot and the last collectible.

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