NBA 2K22 PS4 Review

Read this review to know if you should actually get your hands on the latest entrant in the 2k franchise.

NBA 2k22, the latest entrant in the 2k franchise, has generated a lot of hype this year. The promise of a better gameplay experience than 2k21 along with updates to gameplay modes has got everyone waiting with bated breath. We played the game on a PlayStation 4 to understand if all of the hype around this basketball game is actually worth it. And boy, do we have a thing or two to tell you about it. So without wasting any time, let us dive right into the review.

NBA 2K22 Review

nba 2k22 review

The New Shot Meter in NBA 2k22

One of the first things you will notice in NBA 2k22 is the new Shot Meter. This feature does spark a bit of a debate and might split players’ opinions on whether it is a boon or a curse. To explain it really simply, the shot meter rewards accuracy and timing. This means that only when you absolutely ace the meter’s timing bar will you have any guarantee of scoring in a game.

While this move seems to aim to make the game extra realistic, newer players will definitely find it quite tricky to master when just starting out. As someone who was not really very familiar with this meter, I found myself struggling to score whenever I broke through the opponent’s defense, all while haplessly watching the opponent shatter my defense, scoring like there was no tomorrow. Once I did begin to grab the gist of the meter’s timing bar, I noticed that I was able to score with some ease. While this definitely made scoring feel more realistic, I do feel like it might take some getting used to.

Conserve Stamina During Matches

One new feature of NBA 2k22 that I definitely found myself appreciating during the course of this review was the influence that fatigue has on your probability to score. As you keep playing a match against an opponent, you will notice your player’s ability to score the perfect buckets gradually wearing off. This is because fatigue and exhaustion affect the power and accuracy of the shots you take in the game.

Along with making the game even more realistic, what this does is also promote strategizing and planning during games. Gone are the days when you would just aimlessly drive into the opponent’s court and spam shots, hoping one of them would get the crowd up on their feet. Now, you need to control how often you use the sprint button.


Truth be told, I did find defending to be a little tricky in NBA 2k22. I often found myself being left for dust while my opponent slam-dunked the life out of my team’s defense.

At the same time, the complexity of defending that I personally experienced also meant that each block and each steal was that much more rewarding. Each time I successfully blocked the ball, I pumped my fist into the air, exhilarated at the fact that I was not completely getting mangled by my opponent.

The Gameplay Modes in NBA 2k22

Time to get into what NBA 2k22 is actually about in this review, and that is its many gameplay modes. Hopping into these modes will actually be quite a similar experience, especially if you’re used to 2k21.


blacktop gameplay modes

Of these modes, the Blacktop mode is quite fun for both pros as well as those who are just getting into the world of basketball video games. In this mode, you can choose between 2, 3, and 5 players. Once you make the selection, you will also be able to choose from a list of players from the team you choose (now, this number varies on the option you choose in the Blacktop mode)

This mode provides a really fun basketballing experience in a casual cityside court setting. It’s a relaxing break from the lights and sounds of the more serious and focussed career modes.

MyCareer, MyPlayer, and MyCareer

The staple MyCareer and MyPlayer modes make a return to NBA 2k22. Truth be told, there is not a lot that has changed here. It looks like 2k have chosen to stick with the same formula as the previous edition. You still get the opportunity to manage your favorite teams and call the shots in your quest for NBA glory.

myplayer nba 2k22

As for MyPlayer, you get to live out your dream of being one of the best basketball players in the world. Every decision you make here affects both, your career as well as your life off the court. You will have the freedom to choose your managers, and based on these choices, you will be able to decide if you even wish to pursue a career outside of basketball. The City is a lively and colorful place to be, and this is where you will be spending the bulk of your time in this particular gameplay mode of NBA 2k22.

MyTeam still features a great drafting system, helping you have the ability to get your hands on some extremely talented players. This is probably going to be one of the most played modes in this game. Also, with the introduction of the Shot Meter, there’s scope for this mode to become all the more competitive.


roster nba 2k22 review

The ability to customize is probably one of the coolest features in NBA 2k22. The Features tab opens up a host of different customization options, right from rosters to shoes! Personally, I found the Shoe Creator extremely fun to use. The ability to create my very own pair of Jordans felt quite exciting. The Shoe Creator and Create Roster are some of the many off-the-court elements that elevate the fun quotient of this game.

jordan shoe creator review


Now, it’s time to get to the important question, “Should I Buy NBA 2k22?”. If you currently own 2k21, there isn’t any real reason to go out and throw the big bucks at the 2022 edition of this game. This is because there isn’t a lot that seems to have been changed from the outgoing version of the game. This can be quite disappointing for a few.

If you are, however, using older versions of the game, you can give 2k22 a shot. With the new Shot Meter, you might just about enjoy the game for all its talk and efforts about being a more realistic basketball simulator. The game still boasts of a few great playing modes, not to mention some fun off-the-court customization options.

With no real competitor on the horizon, 2k22 is the only basketball game you can really get. So at the end of the day, it all depends on how badly you want to upgrade. The ball is in your court, at least figuratively.

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A Swish Bucket!

An Aesthetic Treat for Basketball Fans & Newbies

  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 7
  • Features 6.5