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How to Make a Perfect Shot in NBA 2k21

Here are two different ways to make a perfect shot in NBA 2k21.

Do you know how to make a perfect shot in NBA 2k21? If your answer is ‘NO’ then this guide will explain how to do so. There are certain reasons why you fail to make a perfect shot in NBA 2k21 and it could be because of your insufficient stats for the type of shots you’re trying or it could be that you are not timing properly.


Without any further ado, let’s go through the guide:

How to Make a Perfect Shot

Upon starting your MyCareer journey, you will want to set your player up in a specific way, matching how the player like to play basketball. If you have decided for a player, taking shots either from mid-range or beyond the 3-point line, then make sure the timing/aiming of the shot must be 100 per cent perfect at all time.

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If your stats is not enough, this guide will surely help you to upgrade your player’s stats. This is mandatory because it would be quite a difficult task to hit those perfect green times’ shots without having a few points assigned to shooting the ball.

It is to be noted that there are two ways to shoot the ball in NBA 2k21 — one is the classic timed method, which depends on you holding down the designated shoot button until your player gets to the apex of their jump.


Fortunately, this is shown on-screen with a timing mini-game of sorts. What all you need to do is to hold the shoot button down and a meter will appear on the screen, just continue holding the button down until the line reaches the middle of an orange section of the meter.

If you managed to do it correctly, the icon will turn green and you will surely make the basket. In 2020, 2K introduced an aiming mechanic to shooting. Instead of depending on timing, this actually relies on a player’s ability to aim the shot with the right stick. In order to begin shooting this way, what all you need to do is to hold the right analogue stick down.

When the stick is held down the same meter will be shown the way you saw in the classic method. The only difference here is you will have to use the right stick to deftly move the reticle to the centre of the orange section. Like the classic method, if you managed to do it perfectly, the icon will go green and you are free to make the perfect shot in NBA 2k21.

Instead of opting for the first method, we will recommend you to choose the new aiming technique if you are playing in the Neighbourhood as it takes any kind of lag out of the equation.

That’s all you need to know to make a perfect shot in NBA 2k21. For more information about NBA 2k21, you can check out our other guides, features and tips and tricks articles.