Naruto Shippuden Arcs In Order Of Watching

Naruto Shippuden continues the journey of Naruto and is set 2 years after the events of the original anime series. Touted as one of the big three, the anime has gained a lot of popularity. So if you are just starting the series, you need to check out the Naruto Shippuden arcs in order so you do not miss out on any events.

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Although the anime does have numerous filler episodes, the main events have been more than enough to garner a very devout fan base. There are a total of 500 episodes divided across different arcs in the anime and about 41% are filler episodes. However, we have mentioned both the main arcs and the filler arcs in the list for you to check out.

Disclaimer – There are mild spoilers on the anime and you have been warned.

All Naruto Shippuden Arcs List in Order

Before we dive into all the Naruto Shippuden arcs, remember that there are a few episodes that are not associated to any arcs. However, these episodes are likely to be fillers and you can skip them unless you want to watch the entirety of the series.

The Kazekage’s Rescue (Episodes 1–32)

The Kazekage’s Rescue Arc
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The Kazekage’s Rescue is the first arc in Naruto Shippuden which not only shows the return of Naruto to the Hidden Leaf Village but also begins the long awaited bouts with the Akatsuki. As Naruto returns, he finds out that Gaara is the new Kazekage and he has been abducted by the Akatsuki. Together, whatever remains of Team 7 along with other shinobis try to rescue him.

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission Arc (Episodes 33–53)

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission Arc
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Also known as the Long-Awaited Reunion arc, the new Team 7 follows an intel from Sasori that will soon lead them to a wild chase. Naruto faces Orochimaru and finally displays a tailed beast form like no other with four tails emerging during the fight. After months of anticipation, Naruto and Sakura finally get to see Sasuke for a brief moment before he leaves with Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc (FILLER, Episodes 54–71)

One of the filler arcs in the series, Naruto learns about a boy names Sora who has some form of the Nine Tails power. This arc also shows the past of Asuma sensei and how he trained here. The only thing on Naruto’s mind is to get stronger and here is where he starts training with Kakashi to get stronger.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission (Episodes 72–88)

Akatsuki Suppression Mission
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While Naruto continues to train vigorously with Kakashi, this arc shows the arrival of Kakuzu and Hidan, two Akatsuki members who have caused some problems around the Land of Fire. One of the skilled sensei in Naruto dies at the hands of the Akatsuki members and the rest of the arc focuses on taking revenge led by the mastermind Shikamaru Nara.

Three Tails Appears (FILLER, Episodes 89–112)

This filler arc focuses on Naruto and team 7 along with a few other shinobis from the Hidden Leaf who receive word that the Three Tails has appeared in a lake. However, they aren’t the only ones after it with Orochimaru and the Akatsuki involved as well.

Itachi Pursuit Mission Arc (Episodes 113-118)

Itachi Pursuit Mission Arc
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Sasuke kills Orochimaru and heads his own way, forming Taka a small organization full of Orochimaru’s former subordinates. While this arc does focus on Sasuke, the current goal of Naruto and Sasuke is now the same, find Itachi Uchiha.

Kakashi Gaiden (FILLER, Episodes 119-120)

The two episode filler shows the backstory of Kakashi during his days with the then Team 7. With team Minato, you can see the rivalry of Kakashi and Obito, the mission they have during the 3rd Great Ninja War, and how he got his Sharingan.

Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant Arc (Episodes 127-133)

Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant Arc Naruto Shippuden
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One of the saddest Naruto Shippuden arcs where we lose our beloved Jiraiya, it follows him into the Rain Village where he is attacked by Six Paths of Pain. Pain is blessed with the Rinnegan and Jiraiya has to take on 6 of them. Soon he realizes that none of the six pains is actually the real one but before he can pass this message, he is killed. This is one arc where you can’t help but cry and even though it is one of the saddest arcs, Jiraiya goes down with a smile.

Fated Battle Between Brothers Arc (Episodes 134-143)

Fated Battle Between Brothers Arc
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The long-awaited battle to death between Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha begins. This arc changes a whole lot of perspectives that people have had about Itachi. Soon the big villain will turn into one of the most beloved and fan-favorite characters in the anime.

Six-Tails Unleashed (FILLER, Episodes 144-151)

This filler arc shows Naruto meeting the six tail Jinchuriki, Utakata. The story revolves around Utakata and his student Hotaru and is unique in its own sense.

Pain’s Assault Arc (Episodes 152-169 & 172-175)

Naruto Shippuden Pain Arc
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The Pain Arc is one of my favorite and the best Naruto Shippuden arcs. While Pain aka Nagato attacks the Hidden Leaf, Naruto is mastering the Sage Art with the Great Toad Sage. This arc finally confirms what we all have suspected, Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. There are a variety of incidents and fights that are truely memorable and worth it.

Past Arc: The Locus Of Konoha (FILLER, Episodes 176-196)

Although a filler, there are numerous stories of Naruto’s past that you get to watch from the perspectives of different characters.

Five Kage Summit Arc (Episodes 197-214)

Five Kage Summit Arc
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As the Kages gear up for a summit, the main purpose is to execute Sasuke for his crimes. The arc focuses on Sasuke as he gears up to take revenge on Danzo while Naruto is pleading to the Raikage to put a hold on Sasuke’s execution. This arc finally shows the real side of Tobi as he declares the 4th Great Ninja War while posing as Madara Uchiha.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown (Episodes 215-222)

This arc is finally where Naruto and Sasuke have a small face off. However, this arc focuses more on Sakura who feels the guilt of making Naruto promise to bring Sasuke home.

Paradise Life On A Boat Arc (Episodes 223-242)

One of the worst arcs in the series, this Filler arc is worth skipping if you haven’t already. While the rest of the shinobi world gears up for the war, Naruto is being taken to a secret location where he and Killer Bee are going to train and stay hidden from Madara.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation Arc (Episodes 261-270, 272-289, 296-310, & 312-321)

Fourth Shinobi World War Confrontation Arc
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Numerous filler episodes interrupt this war arc as the reanimated shinobi, the white Zetsu army, and the shinobis begin the ultimate face off. This begins one of the longest Naruto Shippuden arcs as a whole.

Power Arc (FILLER, Episodes 290 – 295)

Power arc is a filler arc with a few good fight sequence as team 7 investigates a mysterious incident. This is also the first time we see Naruto use the Nine Tails Chakra mode.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax (Episodes 322 – 348 & 362 – 375)

Fourth Shinobi World War Climax Arc
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The Climax arc has spectacular fights all around that make it quite memorable. While the five Kages fight the real Madara Uchiha, Naruto joins hands with the Nine Tailed Fox, Kurama, and along with Kakashi and Guy fights Tobi and in the reincarnated ninjas. Meanwhile, a reincarnated Itachi pairs with Sasuke to defeat Kabuto and remove the reincarnation jutsu.

Kakashi’s Anbu Arc (Episodes 349 – 361)

The Shinobi that Lives in the Darkness, this arc shows the past of Kakashi during his days from the Anbu. It also features a young Itachi who works under his command and also a much younger Yamato.

Birth Of The Ten Tails Jinchuriki (Episodes 378 – 388, 391 – 393, 414 – 421, & 424 – 431)

Birth Of The Ten Tails Jinchuriki
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Although various filters were once again interrupting the main arc, this is another one of the splendid Naruto Shippuden arcs. We get to see Obito as the Ten Tails Jinchuriki before Madara takes away that transformation from him leaving Obito to die. Madara finally shines on his Infinite Tsukoyomi as Sasuke shields Team 7 with his Susano to fight another day. It’s this arc where we first get to see the Sage of the Six Paths.

Jiraiya Shinobi Handbook: The Tale Of Naruto The Hero (FILLER, Episodes 432 – 450)

This filler arc is based on a novel written by Jiraiya and shows the story of Naruto from a different light. Numerous events take place in what would seem like a parallel state of events.

Kaguya Otsutsuki Strikes (Episodes 451 – 455, 458 – 468, & 470 – 479)

Kaguya Otsutsuki Strikes Naruto Shippuden Arcs
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With various fillers to properly introduce the character, the Kaguya Otsutsuki arc features the actual villain behind the series who twisted and turned Madara into a villain. She was earlier sealed off by the Sage of the Six Paths and this time, Team 7 has to do it together. Also, one of the best Sasuke and Naruto battles turn up once they defeat Kaguya. Although the series goes on for a few more episodes, this one of the last Naruto Shippuden arcs.

Itachi Shinden Book: Light And Darkness (FILLER, Episodes 452 – 458)

While it is a filler, this arc serves some of the backstory of Itachi when he was young. We also get to see Shisui who influences his life for the better. This arc shows exactly what made Itachi choose the village over his own clan.

Childhood (FILLER, Episodes 480 – 483)

This filler arc shows Naruto and Hinata and a small story of them while they were kids. It’s here that Hinata starts noticing Naruto and is a sweet reminder of all they go through.

Sasuke Shinden: Book Of Sunrise (Episodes 484 – 488)

This arc primarily focuses on Sasuke while he roamds around after leaving the Hidden Leaf village. It also shows his inner conflicts and troubles that he has had to go through.

Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting In Silent Darkness (Episodes 489 – 493)

This small arc finally gives Shikamaru the screen time that he always deserves. While it might be an unpopular opinion, Shikamaru is an amazing character that deserves more appreciation and this arc does exactly that.

Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day For A Wedding (Episodes 494 – 500)

The final few episodes before the Naruto anime raises curtains. This is one of the perfect Naruto Shippuden arcs that ends the series with Naruto marrying the Hyuga Princess, Hinata.

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