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All Mythical Animal Locations In Far Cry 6 – Every Legendary Animal

Want a worthy Hunt? Read more to find all of the Locations of the Mythical Animals in Far Cry 6.

Mythical creatures have always been an enigma to human society. They are animals that have high value in the world of Yara. These legendary animals drop valuable items that will net you some amazing gear. In this guide, I will show you all of the Mythical Animal Locations in Far Cry 6.

All Mythical Animal Locations in Far Cry 6

There are 5 Mythical animals in Far Cry 6. These legendary creatures are Black Demoníaco (Wolf) & White Demoníaco (Wolf), Mamutito (Hog), Sanguinario (Jaguar), and Venodiente (Crocodile). Each of them is found in Unique locations and will only be seen once in their specified locations. You can find them by buying their locations from a Lvl.3 Hunter’s Lodge, stumbling on to them by a free-roaming, or following this guide. Below are each of the locations for the Mythical Animals in Far Cry 6.

Black Demoníaco & White Demoníaco (The Wolf Pair)

black demoníaco & white demoníaco

Black Demoníaco & White Demoníaco are the first two mythical animals on our list. They are a pair of wolves of their respective color. They are like Yin & Yang where Black Demoníaco is black with a white pattern on his face while White Demoníaco is white with a black pattern on his face. You will find these two in Perros Demoníaco Den in Aguas Lindas, Madrugada. On defeating them you will earn their respective Pelts.

Mamutito (The Hog) Legendary Creature


Mamutito is a Hog is a mean machine. He has an attitude of a honey badger and is not afraid to charge. Pumba’s overgrown cousin has tusks that will put you in the ER if not the grave, also that is what he drops once defeated. To find this mythical animal in Far Cry 6, you will have to go to Mamutito’s Glen, Vencejo. Mamutito’s Glen is in the North East of Vencejo and Vencejo is in the North of Isla Santuario.

Sanguinario (Jaguar) in Far Cry 6


Sanguinario is a majestic Jaguar that can only be found in the dead of night. This overgrown Bagheera will not hesitate to take you out so be prepped to the teeth. Sanguinario will only spawn in the Night-Time so do keep this in mind. You will obtain Sanguinario’s Pelt once you have defeated him. Sanguinario is found in San Pedro, El Este. It is located at the South most point of El Este.

Venodiente (Crocodile)


Venodiente might be the most mythical-looking animal from the bunch. This Godzilla’s little cousin looks like he came out of a Volcano with his Red Glowing Veins. This white croc is tough a boy and packs a bite, do be prepared. You can find this beast in the swamps of Hazardous Waste Disposal, Zamok Archipielago. It’s just North of the Libertad main HQ. You will obtain Venodiente Leather upon defeating him.

Each of these beasts is strong and you will need to carry some explosives to ease your job. When you do defeat them, you can trade their Drops for exclusive Gear. This was all about the Locations of every Mythical Animal in Far Cry 6. Hopefully, this guide helped you hunt these faunas. You can also check our other guides on All Amigos & their Abilities and All Horses Locations in Far Cry 6.