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Remnant 2 Mythic Relic Fragments: How To Get

Here is a guide on how you can get your hands on the Mythic Relic Fragments in Remnant 2.

If you are wondering how to get Mythic Relic Fragments in Remnant 2 and use it to gain additional buffs and effects in Remnant 2, then we have got you covered with this guide. While exploring the depths of the unknown, players will be able to equip these fragments in their Relics to have more passive bonuses according to their nature. Mythic Relic Fragments are the strongest version and top-tier fragments you will come across in the game. However, amongst the seven tiers i.e. Cracked, Ordinary, Polished, Solid, Regal, Flawless, etc you will find the Mythic ones to be the rarest to come across. So if you are wondering how to get some in the game, then check out this guide further as we explain everything and make things easy.

How to Get Mythic Relic Fragments in Remnant 2

obtain mythic relic fragment in remnant 2

Players can get their hands on Mythic Relic Fragments by defeating bosses and opening chests in Remnant 2. Although it is worth keeping in mind that because of the more random gameplay, it may be time-consuming to find a specific Relic fragment let alone a Mythic one. The best chance you will get will be defeating late-game bosses and scouring through different chests in different worlds. Another option for players to get the fragment would be to purchase it from Dwell in Ward 13 if available. However, we recommend you have a higher gear level as Dwell will provide you with better fragments. Players can also try to switch difficulty levels in adventure mode.

Another method for players would be to upgrade their fragments. This can be done by coming across the same type through exploring or purchasing them through Dwell. Once players come across the same type of fragment, it will upgrade the existing one to the stronger version. Although players will have to go through the tiers to upgrade to Mythic Relic Fragment in Remnant 2. Once you get your hands on the Mythic Relic Fragments, you will be able to equip them in the three slots given. After which they will provide you with additional buffs according to their color types. While red ones provide you with damage buffs, blue and yellow ones will provide you with defensive and support buffs respectively.

That’s everything covered on how to get Mythic Relic Fragment in Remnant 2. Check out our guide on how to get Void Heart Relic in the game and for more interesting guides like these look out for our dedicated Remnant 2 section, right here on Gamer Tweak.