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Mythic Heroes Tier List Guide (May 2023) – Best Characters Ranked

Looking for the best character to play as in Mythic Heroes? Check out this Tier List to learn the best characters.

Mythic Heroes is an idle RPG Mobile game for Android and iOS. In this game, you have to save the world from dark forces with the help of Gods and Heroes. And since this is an Idle RPG game, the game automatically collects rewards for you. But the best part of this game is it features Gods and Heroes from different mythologies and as such you have many character choices. But when you have so many characters to choose from it gets tough to pick the best character. So let us take a look at this Mythic Heroes Tier List of best characters.

Mythic Heroes Best Characters Tier List (May 2023)

mythic heroes best characters tier list

In this list, I have ranked the characters from best to worst. But before we get into this list, it is important to know that these are my recommendations of the best characters. You might find some of your favorite characters in a different tier. And that is fine as you can still have fun playing with them. So now let us take a look at all the characters in this game ranked from best to worst.

Tier Character Class
S-Tier Lucifer Fighter
S-Tier Athena Tank
S-Tier Ganjiang & Moye Mage
S-Tier Nuwa Support
S-Tier Hades Tank
S-Tier Susanoo Fighter
A-Tier Tamamo No Mae Mage
A-Tier Izanami Mage
A-Tier Nagakayna Support
A-Tier Medusa Fighter
A-Tier Dionysus Support
A-Tier Gaia Tank
B-Tier Zeus Mage
B-Tier Artemis Fighter
B-Tier Joan of Arc Support
B-Tier Anubis Tank
C-Tier Persephone Mage
C-Tier Oberon Fighter
C-Tier Idun Support
C-Tier Hercules Tank
D-Tier Lu Bu Fighter
D-Tier Cleopatra Mage
D-Tier Lilith Mage
D-Tier Iset Support

That sums up this Tier List of all characters in Mythic Heroes. If you liked this list then be sure to check out more of our Tier Lists. And if you enjoy playing mobile games then check out our other Mobile game guides.