NBA 2K23 All Music & Fashion Trivia Answers

Unable to answer these trivia questions right? Check out our guide to find out all the music and fashion trivia answers in NBA 2K23.

There’s a wide range of quests, challenges, and side-quests that you can complete in NBA 2K23. Similar to the NBA 2K22, several side quests involve fashion and music-related cultural trivia. However, if you are unable to answer these questions right, we have compiled all the right answers to help you out. So, here’s our guide on all the music and fashion trivia answers in NBA 2K23.

All Music Trivia Answers in NBA 2K23

Starting with the Music trivia, you need to head to Erick’s Vynil shop. Over there, you need to talk to Ben and Marvin to get started with the trivia. As these trivia questions are the daily side-quests that update every day, we missed a few trivia questions. We will make sure to update all of the trivia questions and their answers once they are revealed.

Mentioned below are all the Music Trivia answers:

Music Trivia 3 Answers

  • #Q1. In the popular television situation comedy “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, what was the name of the character played by Will Smith?
    • Answer: Will Smith.
  • #Q2. Rapper Childish Gambino was a co-star in which television series?
    • Answer: Community.
  • #Q3. Which Diana Ross classic was stapled on the seminal “Mo Money Mo Problems” by one Notorious B.I.G?
    • Answer: I’m Coming out.

All Music Trivia 5 Answers

  • #Q1. As I was saying, Lauryn Hill, co-star of Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, a film within the greater Sister Act Cinematic Universe… was a member of which Hip Hop trio?
    • Answer: Fugees.
  • #Q2. Public Enemy hype man and timepiece aficionado Flavor Flav attempted to find love on which reality program?
    • Answer: Flavor of Love.
  • #Q3. In the year nineteen eighty-nine, The D.O.C. opened his track “It’s Funky Enough” by asking which iconic question?
    • Answer: Y’all ready for this?

All Music Trivia 8 Answers in NBA 2K23

  • #Q1. According to the members of Run DMC, while Peter Piper picked peppers, Run did what?
    • Answer: Rocked Rhymes.
nba 2k23 music fashion trivia answers
Image Source – Treyvoh on YouTube.
  • #Q2. Which rock artist had a brother who was also a part of his band?
    • Answer: Eddie Van Halen.
  • #Q3. Kim Gordon provided indefectible bass and vocal for what band of noise rock pioneers?
    • Answer: Sonic Youth.

Music Trivia 9 Answers

  • #Q1. In Wu-Tang Clan’s ’94 hit, what is the title C.R.E.A.M. an acronym for?
    • Answer: Cash Rules Everything Around Me.
  • #Q2. “SOS” by Rihanna sampled “Tainted Love” recorded by Soft Cell in 1981. But who recorded the original and far superior version of “Tainted Love”?
    • Answer: Gloria Jones.
  • #Q3. Musician Frank Zappa’s band the Soul Giants became much more widely known after changing their name to what?
    • Answer: The Mothers of Invention.

Music Trivia 10 Answers

  • #Q1. What was the nickname of jazz icon Louis Armstrong?
    • Answer: Satchmo.
  • #Q2. How old was musical icon Stevie Wonder when he scored his first Billboard Hot 100 number one?
    • Answer: 13.
  • #Q3. Cool Jazz saxophonist Paul Desmond composed which standard was made famous by the Dave Brubeck Quartet?
    • Answer: Take Five.

All Fashion Trivia Answers in NBA 2K23

Once answer all questions right during the Courting Colloway Fashion trivia, Yolanda and Sabine will test you more with different questions. You will get more trivia questions upon completing the Courting Colloway side quest. Similar to Music trivia, there are some missing trivia questions and their answers. We will make sure to update them as soon as more questions are revealed.

So, here are all the Fashion Trivia answers:

Courting Colloway (Fashion Trivia 1) Answers

  • #Q1. Who makes the Birkin bag?
    • Answer: Hermes.
  • #Q2: Which shoe company was the first to introduce a microchip into their sneakers?
    • Answer: Adidas.
  • #Q3: What did the Nike logo originally intend to convey with its look and style?
    • Answer: Motion.

All Fashion Trivia 2 Answers

  • #Q1. Which streetwear company is known for their logo that looks like two U’s, with one being upside down?
    • Answer: Under Armor.
  • #Q2. Who was the very first NBA player with his own signature shoe?
    • Answer: Bob Cousy.
  • #Q3. Which economist coined the phrase “conspicuous consumption” back in 1899?
    • Answer: Thorstein Veblen.

Fashion Trivia 4 Answers

  • #Q1. So which company produces Air Jordans?
    • Answer: Nike.
  • #Q2. What luxury brand that everyone knows now, but back in the day were originally known for making trunks for traveling?
    • Answer: Louis Vuitton.
  • #Q3. Okay, who designed the Peter Saville Parka, not the one Sabine got in Chinatown for thirty-five dollars, the real one?
    • Answer: Raf Simons.

All Fashion Trivia 5 Answers in NBA 2K23

  • #Q1. Which label’s iconic logo is like the little heart with eyes on it?
    • Answer: Comme des Garçons PLAY.
  • #Q2. And the shoe museum with the largest collection of footwear is the Bata and it’s in what city?
    • Answer: Toronto.
  • #Q3: When Heron Preston did his project UNIFORM, who did he collaborate with?
    • Answer: The NYC Department of Sanitation.

Fashion Trivia 6 Answers

  • #Q1. Okay, answer this. What was the name of the former basketball player that Converse hired to help design their most iconic sneaker almost 100 years ago?
    • Answer: Chuck Taylor.
  • #Q2. Which Japanese streetwear brand was founded in 1993?
    • Answer: BAPE.
all music fashion trivia answers nba 2k23
Image Source – Treyvoh on YouTube.
  • #Q3. What’s the name of the streetwear line founded by the brothers Edwin and Salmee, whose last name was Faeh?
    • Answer: Carhartt WIP.

All Fashion Trivia 8 Answers

  • #Q1. Okay, so with Nike kicks, yeah? The originals used a household appliance to make the soles. Name it!
    • Answer: Waffle iron.
  • #Q2. Which two shoe companies were created out of an argument between two brothers?
    • Answer: Adidas and Puma.
  • #Q3. What’s the name of Brendon Babenzain’s brand?
    • Answer: Noah.

Fashion Trivia 9 Answers

  • #Q1: Okay. Boom here it comes. Fenty is a fashion house founded by which singer?
    • Answer: Rihanna.
  • #Q2: Which sneakers were the first to be mass mass mass produced?
    • Answer: Keds.
  • #Q3: Okay, when Nike was planning on discontinuing the original Air Force 1, retailers in which city saved it by offering color of the month drops?
    • Answer: Baltimore.

Fashion Trivia 10 Answers in NBA 2K23

  • #Q1. Yes! Okay, so which designers’ Red October sneakers sold out within seconds?
    • Answer: Kanye.
  • #Q2. Back in 1984, Michael Jordan and Nike had just launched the original Air Jordan shoe. Unfortunately, Michael wasn’t allowed to wear the original Jordans in an NBA game because they violated a specific — and now repealed — rule. What was the rule violation that resulted in the original Air Jordans being banned?
    • Answer: Unapproved colors.
  • #Q3. Back in 2018 PrettyLittleThing partnered with this OG hip-hop brand. It was fire. Probably one of the best collaborations in streetwear history. So who was that brand that made it so fire?
    • Answer: Karl Kani.

That’s everything covered about all the Music and Fashion trivia answers in NBA 2K23. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on how to raise your Fashion level, how to change and turn off the shot meter, and how to get the Accelerator perk in NBA 2K23 right here on Gamer Tweak.