Elden Ring: How To Get To Murkwater Cave (Location)

Unable to find this dungeon? Check out our location guide on how to get to Murkwater Cave in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring features a plethora of different dungeons and locations around the vast open world. One of these locations includes the Murkwater Cave where you will find Patches. If you are a Souls player, you would like to meet the Patches NPC. As it is a relatively smaller dungeon, it is easily missable while traversing across Lands Between. But you can get an Armor Set and unlock the Patches questline if you get to this location. However, several players are unable to find this dungeon’s location. Not to worry, check out our location guide on how to get to Murkwater Cave in Elden Ring to find out.

How to Get to Elden Ring Murkwater Cave (Location Guide)

You can find the Murkwater Cave by traversing halfway through the Murkwater River in Elden Ring. You can find the Murkwater Cave located to the northeast of the Limgrave region. As you head there, you will find a stretched ravine leading from Agheel Lake. You must keep traversing with your horseback until you find a small cave to your left. Since it is pretty missable, look for a hanging flame basket. It is placed right outside the dungeon.

Here’s the exact location for Murkwater cave in Limgrave:

murkwater cave elden ring location

If this is your first time entering the cave or dungeon, you will be invaded by the Bloody Finger Nerijus. We suggest being cautious of this invading NPC Phantom as he can deal with heavy bleed attacks. But upon defeating him, you can get 1294 Runes and the Reduvia Dagger weapon. Once you have defeated him, you can head inside the Cave. And upon entering the Murkwater Cave, you will immediately find a Site of Grace. You can rest over there as you will face several Highwayman enemies around this Cave. Also, make sure to light a torch as you explore the cave.

You can defeat them to get the Highwayman Cloth armor, Gauntlets, Hood, and Foot Soldier Greaves. Since you will also find Patches over there, check out our guide on whether should you kill Patches or not. If you are looking for other dungeon locations, you can also check out our guide on all Dungeon locations in Elden Ring.

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