Muck Creative Mode: How To Use & What Are The Differences?

Find out how to enable Muck Creative Mode and what are the changes in this game mode.

Curious to find out how to use the Muck Creative Mode? Here’s everything you need to know about it. Now, Muck is a survival game but the Creative mode will help you slow down the pace a bit. What are the differences, you ask? Keep reading to know all the changes, how it affects your gameplay and more.

How to Use Creative Mode in Muck

how to enable creative game mode

To enable Creative Mode in Muck, you have to select the Game Mode under Settings on the screen before starting a game. Apart from Creative, you will also see Survival and Versus but Creative Mode is the one you should click on.

What are the Differences and Changes?

The changes you get are that no mobs raid your base at night, the damage you get is quite reduced and it will be the same day as you start playing in game.

In terms of mobs, it does give you some relief because the enemies will raid you at night which can be annoying but it also has a benefit. Players get the opportunity to get a lot of coins and loot due to the monsters you kill.

Due to the lack of monsters, you have to stick to the other ways to obtain coins. This means, you have to get to mining and crafting making it a longer process. What you need to do is craft Gold coins from Gold ingots and mine Gold ore. With these coins, you can open up chests. The Black chests don’t need any coins but the Brown, Blue and Yellow chests require 25, 80 and 200 coins respectively. Apart from this, you can use Gold Coins to trade with Woodsmen as well.

how to use creative mode in muck and differences

How to Make Enemies Spawn in Creative Mode?

If you do want the enemies to spawn in Muck Creative mode, you can actually make it happen. Activate and use the challenge totems to make random enemies appear and fight them to get your rewards.

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