Muck: Top 10 Best Seeds To Use For Loot And Survival 2024

Find out all the best Map Seeds for the Muck game that you can redeem and use to get rare weapons and items from chests and as loot.

Are you looking for the best seeds to use Muck? Well, we have compiled a list of the same for you. These seeds will give you access to maps that have a ton of resources and items. You can later use these items to craft some high-level weapons and items in the game.

This list will especially useful if you are having trouble surviving the world or are looking for some extra loot. From Hammer Shaft to Night blade each seed has something to offer you which can make your playthrough interesting!

Top 10 Best Muck Game Seeds

Muck Seeds: The Best Maps To Use To Get Rare Weapons And Items

  • sussy: This seed will have multiple black chests that will spawn nearby. These chests contain stat buffs and powerups. You will also be able to access a Pitman Hut which has useful items such as a Pickaxe, Steel Boots, Food, and 65 Coins. You can even use the furnace inside the hut for smelting and crafting.
  • slythergames: Right near the spawn point you will find a cave. Inside this, you will be able to find a Gold Pickaxe. This will allow you to mine for higher-level resources in the game.
  • wtf jeremy you motherfu-: This Muck seed will allow you to get a Gold Axe directly from a wagon near your spawn point. You will also spawn very close to the cave and shipwreck.
  • 221294511: This code will spawn you in a seed near a cave that has the Night Blade weapon. You will also be able to find the shipwreck from Update 3.
  • -1038521939: In this seed, you will spawn near a cave with a Hammer Shaft inside. There are 2 chests in this cave that you can use to get various resources.
  • 69420: In this seed, you will be able to spawn near two Chef’s Huts. In these Chef’s Huts, you will be able to find two chest-loaded carts.
  • BigChunk: This seed will be having a lot of resources that you can use including trees, rock, iron, mythril, and adamantite.
  • Dev: If you log in to this seed in Muck you will be able to begin your journey with a Night Blade Sword.
  • poopoo: If you choose this Seed you will be able to spawn in a shed that has a Mythril Axe, Steel Sword, and Steel Pick.
  • Daniisking: Choosing this seed will allow you to begin your journey near a hut with some helpful early-game tools.

How to Enter a Seed

  • The first thing you need to do is be the host of a server in Muck.
  • Now, click to host a lobby and look at the right side of the screen.
  • Here you will be able to see a textbox under the word ‘Seed’ where you can enter the codes.
  • Now, start the game and you will enter that seed.

This is everything you need to know about the best Seeds in Muck. If you are curious to know about the Muck Creative mode, check out our guide on that too.