WoW Dragonflight: How To Move XP Bar (Explained)

Here is how you can move the XP bar in WoW Dragonflight.

With the Dragonflight expansion of WoW, the developers have made it impossible to move the XP bar. One might argue that the bar is useful and informative. But not having the option to customize it as per your needs can be a problem. So in this guide check out how to Move the XP bar in WoW Dragonflight.

How to Move XP Bar in WoW Dragonflight

how to move xp bar in wow dragonflight

You cannot move the XP bar in WoW Dragonflight natively. So the only way to move it around would be with the usage of add-ons. The problem here is that the new update has been made such that you cannot even drag it around. And even after hitting the level cap of 60, it will still be stuck there. But if you are really annoyed by it then there is a popular addon that can help you out.

In order to move your XP bar you can use Bartender 4. It is basically an Actionbar replacement mod.

  1. Install the Bartender mod for this game.
  2. Next, use the slash commands like /bt or /bartender to open the configuration menu.
  3. The addon here gives you the option to edit all 13 action bars. You can even scale them, make them fade out, and do other customizations.
  4. Edit and move the XP bar. Once you are happy with the new layout of it, close the Bartender menu and you will have the XP bar moved as per your preference.

Do remember if you choose to use Bartender you need to set up your action bars again because it replaces them with the basic action bar.

Aside from the above method the only other thing that you can do about your XP bar is to disable it. That is if you don’t want to use addons or mods for your game.

  1. Press U on your Keyboard to open your Reputation menu. This key can be different based on your keybinds.
  2. Click on any reputation and check the “Show as Experience Bar” option.
  3. Now, uncheck it and this will hide the XP bar.

That covers this guide on how to move the XP bar in WoW Dragonflight. Since you are playing this game you should also check our guide on how to move the Vigor bar in this game.