Can You Move Your Village In LEGO Fortnite?

Want to relocate camp near the cave or beach but don’t know if you can move a village in LEGO Fortnite? Here is what you can do.

After exploring a good part of the spawn area, one often thinks that they should have started the village at a different location. The area around the sea, where you can watch the sunset, or the peak of the Grasslands mountain, from which everything looks like a pebble. They would have served as a better spot for the camp, and that made you wonder if it’s possible to move the village in LEGO Fortnite or not. Here we have answered this question of yours with all the tricks and consequences.

Can You Move Your Village Square in LEGO Fortnite?

Can You Move Your Village Square in LEGO Fortnite
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You can break and place the Village Square within the set area to relocate it, but you cannot move your village or the settled camp in LEGO Fortnite. Once you have placed the square and invited the NPCs to join it, the boundary gets set. Breaking and placing a square even a little away from the set area will not work.

If you try that, you will either be settling in a new one or getting a response that you cannot build a new camp here. I tried destroying and placing the square just a minute away from it, and it assumed that I was trying to settle a new one.

It is no surprise that you can set up multiple camps throughout the map. They just have to be far away from each other. However, even after settling a new one and placing beds, you wouldn’t be able to assign it to the NPC of other settlements. So, what can you do to make them join this camp? Will breaking the square work? Scroll down to find out the answer.

What Happens When You Destroy Village Square?

What Happens When You Destroy Village Square
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When you break Village Square, the villagers will tell you that they will leave the camp in 5 in-game days if you don’t place it again by then. Their responses will be a little different depending on their characters, but they will all talk about leaving. Some will say that they feel lost without the square, some will talk about how the village is falling apart, and so on.

Chances are low, but it is possible that they might approach the other village after leaving this one. The method seems quite risky, especially if you were able to recruit the Brite Bomber into your camp. Once she leaves, there is no saying if she will ever join your side again.

That’s all for the answer to the question: Can you move a village in LEGO Fortnite? If this was helpful to you, check out our LEGO Fortnite section. Start by reading how to remove villagers, and then learn to craft all buildings.