How To Unlock More Buildings In LEGO Fortnite (All Build Recipes)

Build Tiered Palace, Jumbo Lodge, Log Watch Tower, and Grand Manor by unlocking their recipes in LEGO Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite takes us to an open world with different biomes. Each biome has a common and special resource, gathered from hunting the monsters or from the surroundings. Every place you set up a village in will complement different structures, such as building a Pleasant Park in Dry Valley or Frostlands just doesn’t go with the picture.

When we don’t have other structure recipes, we eventually settle for that, but not anymore, as here we have brought you ways to unlock more builds in LEGO Fortnite. After unlocking the blueprints of any theme, you’ll get access to its separate pieces, like walls, doors, windows, and roofs. You can combine different theme pieces to create something uniquely yours.

How to Unlock All Buildings in LEGO Fortnite

How to Unlock All Buildings in LEGO Fortnite
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To unlock all builds, you have to set up villages in different biomes. As you upgrade your Village Square, you will unlock recipes for the location, including furniture. Make your camp reach level 10 to get all the structures of the zone, but before you venture there, be ready to deal with extreme heat and cold temperatures.

The first build recipes you get in any biome are the Starter Shacks, which require mostly Wood and sometimes Planks. After that, depending on your biome and village level, these are what you get:


  • Log Cabin
    • Log Shed: 41 Wood
    • Palisade Gate: 22 Wood
    • Log Cabin: 83 Wood
    • Log Watch Tower: 103 Wood, 10 Plank
    • Log Home: 169 Wood
    • Jumbo Lodge: 169 Wood
    • Lonely Lodge: 367 Wood
  • Pleasant Park
    • Bungalow: 187 Granite, 59 Wood
    • Pleasant Pavillion: 52 Granite, 48 Wood
    • Detached Garage: 88 Granite, 17 Wood
    • Roomy Home: 215 Granite, 72 Wood, 1 Knotroot
    • Spacious House: 215 Granite, 72 Wood, 1 Knotroot


  • Shogun Palace
    • Starter Palace: 15 Granite, 41 Wood, 36 Vines, 10 Frostpine
    • Palace Pavillion: 9 Granite, 31 Wood
    • Palace Gates: 31 Granite, 19 Wood, 12 Frostpine
    • Tiered Palace: 31 Granite, 100 Wood, 100 Vines, 20 Frostpine
    • Palace Tower: 138 Granite, 323 Wood, 125 Vines, 109 Frostpine
    • Grand Palace: 152 Granite, 233 Wood, 219 Vines, 91 Frostpine

Dry Valley

  • Majestic Manors
    • Humble Manor: 161 Granite, 30 Wood
    • Manor Gates: 46 Granite, 2 Wood
    • Manor Stables: 106 Granite, 47 Wood
    • Tower Manor: 453 Granite, 26 Wood
    • Noble Manor: 302 Granite, 66 Wood
    • Grand Manor: 603 Granite, 103 Wood

That’s all about how to unlock more builds in LEGO Fortnite. For more interesting and helpful topics, you should check out our LEGO Fortnite guides. We have covered topics like how to get Granite Slabs and Dynamic Foundation.