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Moth Gibdo Location In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom TOTK

Moth Gibdo is very rare, but its drops are used to upgrade Link's gear. So here's how to find it in Zelda TOTK

The Moth Gibdo in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) is a rare enemy spawn and its location is unknown to many. This game is full of hideous monsters for Link to conquer. However, defeating these monsters have an upside. By beating them, you can get your hands on drops to upgrade your gear. With the new Fuse ability, you can attach these drops to enhance your weapons and armor.

Where to Find Moth Gibdo in Zelda TOTK

Where to find Moth Gibdo in TOTK
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To find Moth Gibdo, you must travel to the Gerudo Desert and the Depths below the desert. The entrance to Gerudo Desert in Zelda TOTK is located near Turakmik Shrine at the coordinates (-2657, -2237, 0082). You can explore the sand shrouds and the giant glowing mushrooms in the Gerudo Desert for the Moth Gibdos.

How to Beat Moth Gibdos in Tears of the Kingdom

If you’ve roamed around in the Gerudo Desert, then you must’ve encountered the regular Gibdos. These enemies are immune to physical attacks so even the strongest of weapons are useless against them. In the case of Moth Gibdos, you’ll have to be extra careful since they can fly and have powerful melee attacks.

To beat these Moth Gibdos, you must dodge their attacks and wait for them to stop flying. Once they stop, equip your bow and fuse the arrows with Fire Fruit or Shock Fruit. Alternatively, you can also use Red ChuChu, Ruby, Yellow ChuChu, or Topaz instead. Since Moth Gibdos are weak against Fire and Electric damage, you can use these materials to beat them. When they are hit, they will turn white and you can use physical attacks.

Moth Gibdo Drops in TOTK

Once you beat Moth Gibdos, you can collect the following drops:

  • Gibdo Bones
  • Gibdo Wings
  • Gibdo Guts

We hope this Moth Gibdo location guide helps you find them in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom TOTK. While you’re here, check out how to get the Heat Resistant armor to survive the heat in the Gerudo Desert.