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Mortal Shell Boss Guide: How To Defeat Enslaved Grisha

Beat Enslaved Grisha and get to the main boss of Crypt of Martyr Temple in Mortal Shell.

In an attempt to beat Tarsus the First Martyr in the Crypt of Martyr temple, players will first encounter an intermediate boss, the Enslaved Grisha. Enslaved Grisha is found at the Abandoned Chamber in this temple. This boss guide will walk you through some simple and easy to follow steps that will help you beat Enslaved Grisha in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Boss Battle Guide: How To Beat Enslaved Grisha

Enslaved Grisha is a little different from other Grishas that you would have encountered until now. He is equipped with swords in the form of hands and a cage as a helmet. He is also a little more agile, with a new set of attacks ready for you. With four different attacks in his pocket, it would be more challenging to defeat Enslaved Grisha. Two of these attacks are the basic dual strike and three-hit combo similar to other Grishas. The other two attacks are Hand Slam and Head Slam.

You would know how to avoid the basic two attacks (by hardening and then attacking), hence, this guide will help you avoid the other two.

Hand Slam (Stalactite Attack)

During the Hand Slam attack, Enslaved Grisha will jump into the air and slam his hands on the ground. This will cause one big and multiple stalactites to fall on the battleground. To avoid this attack, you simply have to avoid the hands and then run behind him to attack. After using Hand Slam, his hands will get stuck into the ground for a limited span of time. That’s your chance to attack and beat Enslaved Grisha.

Head Slam

When your Tarnished Seal is glowing red, get ready because Enslaved Grisha is going to approach you with Head Slam. Dodge this attack by going back to maintain a distance and then attack him. There will also be an opportunity to get onto his back when his head is down. See if you can grab the opportunity and bring it to your advantage. If you are able to get onto his back, it would be very easy to defeat Enslaved Grisha.

Make sure to farm enough Glimpse and upgrade your weapon before you head on to beat him. Also keep an ample amount of Weltcap (the healing item) with you, in case you need it. Finally, unlock and equip the best weapons and then go for the fight. Follow these simple steps and you would be able to easily beat Enslaved Grisha in Mortal Shell.