Mortal Shell Guide: How To Beat Crucix The Twiceborn Boss Easily

Beat Crucix the Twiceborn in Mortal Shell boss battle easily.

Mortal Shell has got three temples and a boss to beat in all of them. As similar to other souls-like games, the most challenging part of Mortal Shell is the boss battle. One of the three bosses and probably the most dangerous one is Crucix the Twiceborn from the Seat of Infinity temple. Hence, to make it simpler for you, here’s a guide on how to beat Crucix the Twiceborn Boss in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Boss Guide: How to Defeat Crucix The Twiceborn

If you are reading this you might already know how to get to the boss. But just in case you don’t, you need to take the right tunnel from the cavern where you defeated Garisha to get to this boss. Once you reach the Shifting Archives in Seat of Infinity, speak with Sester Genessa first to save it as your respawn time. When you are done with speaking its time for some action. Interact with Challice and it will get you dropped into the battle arena. Dropping will deal a lot of damage to your body causing you the second life chance. Hence, make sure to harden before you hit the ground. If you don’t harden and die, reclaim your shell and then use Etherial Diapason if you have one. Etherial Diapason restores your ability to reclaim your shell upon death.

Once you hit the ground, Crucix the Twiceborn will be waiting to land some heavy attacks on you. Crucix looks like a red warrior with another body (twin) protruding from his abdomen. But there’s nothing to worry as he’s got only a few attacks up his sleeves, which can be dealt with. You will have to beat Crucix the Twiceborn two times to defeat him.

First Phase

All you need here is a rhythm of hardening and then attacking. When Crucix steps forward to swing his weapon and attack you, that’s the time to harden. This will leave him open allowing you to attack Crucix. If you are quick and lucky enough you will be able to land four consecutive hits to Crucix. And when you do so, he will be staggered for a moment allowing you to use heavy attacks on him. Repeat this until you take down Crucix’s health to zero. Make sure to stay in close range of Crucix to kill him for the first time. If you go far, he will simply kneel down allowing his other half to unleash a series of consecutive arrow hits. These hits are not too hard to avoid but can easily cause a lot of damage if not avoided.

Another thing to note is that when Crucix’s health is mid-way during the first phase, he will jump high and bombard on you. This move will deal a lot of damage and may straight away kill you. What you need to do here is harden and then jump in the air and strike him. That’s how you defeat Crucix the Twiceborn in the first phase.

Second Phase

Once Crucix is killed for the first time, he will respawn but this time without his twin. But then without his twin, he will be more enraged, fast, and his attacks will do more damage. This time he will also have a new attack combo, three hits, and a Spartan Kick. A single hit of Spartan Kick and it will take a lion’s share of your health. Hence, during this phase, it is advisable to stay at a long-range from Crucix and regather your health.

Your attacking strategy during the second phase should be exactly like the first phase, harden, and attack. Keep repeating it to defeat Crucix the Twiceborn in Mortal Shell. Once you beat the boss, take the gland and head back to the Fallgrim Tower to get rewarded by the old prisoner for your efforts.

Follow these steps and you will be able to easily beat Crucix the Twiceborn in Mortal Shell. These steps are easy to follow but you also need upgraded weapons to defeat Crucix and other bosses. You will have to farm Glimpse to upgrade your weapons. You must also have an ample amount of Weltcap to heal yourself. With upgraded weapons, Weltcap, and the steps mentioned in this guide, you will easily defeat Crucix the Twiceborn in Mortal Shell.