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How to Get Coins Fast in Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 Money Farming

The main currency in Mortal Kombat 11 is coins. Players can open chests in the Crypt for this. And chests, in turn, provide access to new fatality, skins, and much more. You cannot buy coins for real money, so you will have to play a lot to collect the right amount of gold to open the treasure chest. In this MK 11 guide, we will analyze the most effective ways to farm coins.

Earnings at the Training Stage

We start these MK 11 money tips with the beginning stage. You can start farming coins in Mortal Kombat 11 already at the training stage. Even if you are sure that you know absolutely everything about the game, this step should not be skipped. The training is divided into several subsections. In total there are 7 main and additional of them, in which a total of 42 subsections. For each completed training stage they give 1,000 coins, and for everything as a whole, you can raise 42,000 coins, which is quite a lot.

It is worth noting that passing this stage for different characters will not bring you additional coins. Currency is accrued only after the first completion of the task! Nevertheless, having completed the training completely for each of the playable characters, you can open additional skins.

Farm Money in Towers and Battles

Let’s continue this Mortal Kombat 11 coins guide with towers. The essence of Mortal Kombat has always been reduced to constant fights with other players. And in the 11 part, nothing has changed. Most of the time will have to be spent in battles for which coins are also given. You can get 250-500 coins for a victory, and only 100 for a defeat. Nevertheless, the amount is always different, because it directly depends on how well the player shows himself in battle.

It is most profitable to fight in the Towers. The fact is that they give coins not only for the conduct of battles but also for the completion of the tower as a whole. Depending on its height, the reward may be 1,000 coins or more.

Each Tower has additional Execution rewards. It is about how well the player fights and what shows in battle. In order to take these rewards for sure, it is worth doing Brutality, Fatality, or Mercy in the final of each battle. If it doesn’t work out, then it’s better to increase the complexity of the Tower, and then they will give more Performance points. By the way, if you just started playing, then be sure to go through the Tower for the Beginner. If you get a lot of points there, you can additionally receive 7,500 coins as a reward for Execution.

In almost every Tower there is a Trial round in which the opponent changes every 10 seconds. If you win one by one, then for each one you can get 100 coins and earn a large number of points. At the end of the Tower, they are converted into a cash bonus. As a result, you will be able to get money in Mortal Kombat 11 fast.

Make AI Farm You Some Money

There is an alternative way to farm coins in battles. In Mortal Kombat 11, you can enter the tower by putting AI in your place. Oddly enough, if you choose the right equipment, special bonuses and set the right tactics, then it will do an excellent job with its opponents. In addition, artificial intelligence also performs Brutality, Fatality, and Mercy, which brings additional coins.

To make the AI ​​fight for you, just click on the appropriate button on the fighter selection menu. Further, you can just sit and watch how it fights with opponents and goes to victory in the next Tower. The disadvantage of this method of farming is that the bonus multiplier is reduced to 0.85x. Due to this, you can miss the rewards for Execution even if the AI ​​does Fatality or Brutality at the end of the fight. That is why it is worth trying this method either if the Tower has a guaranteed reward for completion or you just decided to take a break, but do not want to stop the farm of coins.

Rewards in Daily Challenges and Races Against Time

The easiest way to farm coins is to go to daily trials. As a rule, these are simple tasks where you need to have a battle for a specific character or win, having done certain tricks. Each task gives from 10,000 coins and above. Moreover, if you missed any tasks, then you can return to them the next day.

Race against Time is available in the Time Towers for each player. The essence of the competition is to get into the overall ranking of Mortal Kombat 11 fighters. You can do this even if you give the game a small amount of time. The player must be on the list of 99% of the best fighters and stay there for a week. Believe me, this is very simple, and even a couple of fights every day is quite enough. The most interesting thing is that for such a simple achievement they give a reward of 50,000 coins, but money is credited only once a week.

Make Money in Crypt

And we will finish this Mortal Combat 11 guide with the Crypt. Oddly enough, but in Mortal Kombat 11, the very place where the coins are spent also makes it possible to earn them. There are several rewards in the Crypt that can be received once, and they will improve your financial condition.

When playing for the first time, you should do the following:

  • Be sure to open two initial chests that can be gotten for free. Each of them gives the player 50,000 coins and opens access to other parts of the Crypt.
  • Solve a riddle with doors. The essence of the puzzle is to put the right objects in them. We put the Dragon amulet in the Dragon door at the Mountain Pass, the Jewel of Life at the Balance door in the Courtyard and the Motaro Horn looks great in the door that opens the passage to the Goro Gorge. For each correct answer in this problem, the player is given 5,000 coins.
  • Interact with the chains and levers that open the doors. There are quite a lot of them in the Crypt, and the use of these elements is necessary to open new zones. For each action, the game will reward you 1,000 coins.

As a result, such a simple walk on the Crypt can bring a huge amount of coins almost at the very beginning of the game.

These were all effective ways to farm coins in Mortal Kombat 11, which will help each player to become rich over time. It is best to do everything together. Then there will definitely not be any problems with the financial situation. Despite the fact that the game requires a huge amount of coins to unlock absolutely everything, there are still quite a variety of ways to earn money and get everything you want.