Mortal Kombat 11 Towers Of Time Guide – Tips & Tricks On How To Complete

By Raaj
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Mortal Kombat 11 tips on completing Towers of Time, if you want to learn more about this mode then this guide is for you. Towers of Time is a separate section in Mortal Kombat 11 where you will face multiple opponents and unlock epic gears and cosmetics. If you had played Injustice 2 then this is similar to the Multiverse mode where you get a different type of objectives to play. You earn high rewards as well it helps in character leveling. Similar by playing different towers in Towers of Time you will level up your character and earn epic gears by beating tougher enemies.

How To Complete Towers Of Time

Tower of Time has four different modes, they are Tutorial, Timed, Summoned and Character. You will start with the basic one where you will learn all the important aspects of combat and progress further. After completing the towers you will earn Koins, Consumables, and Augments.

Tutorial Tower:

Complete four tutorial towers, the objective of this mode is to tell you about the combat system, controls, consumables, boss fights, etc. After playing all four towers you will progress to the real deal. You will unlock more towers and you can see the rewards on the right side along with the list of characters you will fight with. It is necessary to complete the Tutorial first to understand well how everything works.

Timed Towers:

In the second type of towers once you level up enough you can play Time Towers. here you have to complete three to four-time towers that will refresh every hour, daily or in a couple of days. You will be facing some characters in this part and something you might fight directly with a strong enemy.

Summoned Towers:

This one requires Tower Keys to unlock.

Character Towers:

You can unlock the tower in exchange for koins and play a character specific matches. You will need around 25000 koins to enter the tower to battle and once you are able to beat the opponents you will progress to the next tower by paying with Koins. This is the process in Character Towers, this is the place where you can earn brutalities, skins, variation icons, intro animations, and augments.

There are more under the Towers of Time section we will update as soon as we get more into the gameplay. Remember as you keep progressing hours of grinding is needed to earn rewards. There will be tougher and smarter enemies waiting for you. The game keeps getting challenges after you pass through different towers.

Mortal Kombat 11 will give you the taste of hardest gameplay after you are able to reach a certain level. AI of the game is smart enough to learn your moves and tackle your attack so you have to test something new. This is where the game wants you to learn more moves, you can’t just rely on some specific ones. If you are finding a level too hard to complete you can buy skip fight tokens to get a push in the competition. We had added some video to give you an overview of Towers of Time, please watch below.

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