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Mortal Kombat 1 How to Unlock Fatalities?

Here is a MK1 detailed guide on how to unlock fatalities, get kameo fatality and how to unlock second fatality.

Fatalities in MK1 are signature moves to end your opponent and win the match. It brings in an amazing unique style of taking down opponents where there is no chance to cancel it out. It is an MK1’s way of expressing win, where the characters use the best possible brutal moves to end the match. Unlocking Fatalities in MK1 is not simple, they are triggered by some motion and by pressing different key inputs. Also, fatalities are unlocked as you progress in the game, not all will be available at the start. Here is a detailed guide that can help you with MK1 fatalities.

How to Unlock Fatalities MK1?

MK1 Unlock Fatality

New fatalities are unlocked as you level up your character in Mortal Kombat 1. Every character has a rewards list, which is unlocked upon reaching mastery ranks. This is linked with a different task like winning a match or finding a chest. Once completed players are rewarded with a new Fatality. Moves related to that will be displayed on the screen or are available inside the game controls menu.

Fatalities are linked to a set of controls, when hit properly your character will unleash them on the opponents. To know more about inputs or controls to execute fatality in MK1, you will have to check our guide – MK1 Fatalities Control Guide.

Unlock Kameo Fatality

MK1 Unlock Kameo Fatality

Kameo Fatality is rewarded at every 5 levels. You will have to progress your profile level to unlock Kameo Fatality in MK1. At every five levels, a new Kameo Fatality is unlocked.

  • Kung Lao Kameo – Level 5
  • Sub-Zero Kameo – Level 10
  • Scorpion Kameo – Level 15
  • Shujinko Kameo – Level 20
  • Motaro Kameo – Level 25

Unlock 2nd Fatality MK1

MK1 Second Fatality

Second Fatality is unlocked at Level 14 in MK1. And after unlocking you will have to equip them through the character menu. Or else you cannot execute the fatalities. The MK1 progression system has a Character Mastery Gauge. It fills up after reaching a certain level or finishing some set of battles. As you work on filling up the Character Mastery Guage, you will unlock new Fatalities, Brutalit,y, and even skins or gears.

So to get the second fatality the first thing to do is progress your character to Level 14. And to unlock more you will have to keep on climbing up the progression ladder. The best way to unlock a higher mastery level is by playing Invasion Mode in MK1.

So this was all about fatalities in MK1. Here is another guide on how to unlock all characters in MK1.